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Exam (elaborations)

MIS 535 Week 8 Final Exam 1(Latest update 2020/2021)

MIS 535 Week 8 Final Exam 1 Page 1 1. (TCO A) Which of the following objectives best describes the business strategy behind the development of smart grid initiatives by power companies, as discussed in the chapter case? (Points : 4) Operational excellence New products and services Competitive advantage Customer support 2. (TCO B) Which of the following describes how the Simon framework of decision making works in high-velocity decision environments? (Points : 5) All four steps of the process are handled by software algorithms; humans are eliminated from the decisions because they are too slow. The first three steps of the process are handled by software algorithms and the final step is handled by experienced managers. The first two steps of Simon's framework are eliminated and the final two steps are handled by software algorithms. All fours steps are performed by humans with the support of high-speed, high-volume DSS and ESS. 3. (TCO C) A field identified in a table as holding the unique identifier of the table's records is called the (Points : 4) primary key. key field. primary field. unique ID. 4. (TCO D) Which of the following is not a characteristic of packet switching? (Points : 4) Packets travel independently of each other. Packets are routed through many different paths. Packet switching requires point-to-point circuits. Packets include data for checking transmission errors. 5. (TCO E) Which of the following is not one of the current software platform trends? (Points : 5) Grid computing Open source software Mashups and apps Software outsourcing 6. (TCOF) Characteristics of agile methodologies are (Points : 4) do the entire project at one time, but consult the customer. take things in small increments, testing each one and allowing users to try the software. set all requirements in the beginning. based on traditional engineering methodologies. 7. (TCO G) The introduction of new information technology has a (Points : 4) dampening effect on the discourse of business ethics. ripple effect raising new ethical, social, and political issues. beneficial effect for society as a whole, while raising dilemmas for consumers. waterfall effect in raising ever more complex ethical issues. 1. (TCO A) What is the connection between organizations, information systems, and business processes? (Points : 25) 2. (TCO B) You are an analyst for a firm that imports and distributes specialty oils and vinegars, and your company wants you to evaluate its options for taking advantage of cutting-edge business analytics. What are its choices? What will you recommend? (Points : 25) . 3. (TCO C) List and describe three main capabilities or tools of a DBMS. (Points : 25) . 4. (TCO D) Describe and explain the idea of network neutrality. Are you in favor of network neutrality? Why or why not? (Points : 25) . 5. (TCO E) Identify and describe five or more of the current trends in contemporary software platforms. (Points : 25) 6. (TCO F) What is outsourcing? Describe the advantages and disadvantages to outsourcing software development. (Points : 20) 7. (TCO G) What are the security challenges faced by wireless networks? (Points : 25) . MIS 535 Sample Final Exam 1. (TCO A) Which of the following decisions require knowledge based on collaboration and interaction? (Points : 4) How long will it take to manufacture this product? Should we work with outside vendors on new products and services? In which geographical locations are our products garnering the most sales? Which product design is the most efficient for the user in terms of energy use? 2. (TCO B) Which of the following businesses use the market creator business model? (Points : 5) an online auction house an online newspaper a video-sharing site an online bookseller 3. (TCO C) The type of logical database model that treats data as if they were stored in two-dimensional tables is the (Points : 4) OODBMS. pre-digital DBMS. relational DBMS. hierarchical DBMS. 4. (TCO D) The telephone system is an example of a ________ network. (Points : 4) peer-to-peer wireless packet-switched circuit-switched 5. (TCO E) Enterprise applications have become easier to install because: (Points : 5) they have been reduced in function vendors have modularized the applications so they can be rolled out a module at a time vendors have changed their design to make the application more adaptable to diverse business processes Users have become more familiar with how to use the applications 6. (TCO F) Agile Methodologies (Points : 4) were developed because traditional methodologies did not work because software development is unlike any other development activity users seldom know what they want when the project starts all of the above 7. (TCO G) A salesperson clicks repeatedly on the online ads of a competitor in order to drive the competitor's advertising costs up. This is an example of (Points : 4) phishing. pharming. spoofing. click fraud.

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