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MIS 535 Case Study - Week 6 with complete solution

New Systems Help Work Flow More Smoothly at Moen Case Study Team MIS 535 – Managerial Applications of Information Technology   New Systems Help Work Flow More Smoothly at Moen Summary In 1939 Al Moen founded Moen Incorporated which is North America's number one faucet brand. Besides faucets, Moen also produces a broad range of household appliances such as sinks, showerheads and other varieties of accessories. With the constant launching of new products capital expenses rise for product development, which is why Moen implemented SAP to help with the breakdown of sales, service, and manufacturing. SAP was helping Moen Inc. become more efficient, but recently initial capital expense became an issue again. After researching they figured that how they were requesting capital costs were too manual and only a few finance companies could understand their application. Another problem was manual documents easily lost or replaced, and with his manufacturing companies being in different countries it's hard to get in touch and ask about information. Once Moen became aware of the situation he decided to find an electronic system that will work with SAP as other software systems they have. With the help with Clear Process Solutions, Moen chose a software in 2013 with Winshuttle. In our topic discussion, we're going to discuss Winshuttle helped Moen with the effects and the implementation process that had to take place.

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