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MIS 581 Final Project;Project Title: OLA Car rental System

OLA Car Rental System Table of Contents • Title page • Cover letter • Milestone 1 • Milestone 2 • Milestone 3 • Milestone 4 • System alternatives • Alternative Matrix • Proposal summary • Conclusion Executive summary: According to the project the problem with the OLA car rental service is they have currently the booking service based on the web page, so the customer has to go to their website and process all booking and the payment service when ever they need. My project is to develop a mobile application for the OLA car rental service and make easier for the user to book the car and make payment in the simplify method. Using the application the customers can book a service at any time and in any place. The application also has some additional features for the users like chat with the customer service and manage booking and the application also helps the customer to save their personal Information’s and the payment method so every time the customer doesn’t need to enter the information again and again. Due to this application the process will be faster and there will be no waiting time for the customers and also easy for the international users.

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