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WisCAT Oefentoets #1 + Antwoorden + Uitleg

Dit is een oefentoets voor de WisCAT. Tevens zitten er antwoorden bij + uitgebreide uitleg over hoe je tot het antwoord kan komen.

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Reviews ( 73 )
By CindyDi  · 2 weeks ago
I think there is one mistake ... or do not I understand it myself :-)
( -Translated by Google)
By joukjesalakay  · 3 weeks ago
By Stephaa  · 2 months ago
By xLove_Denise  · 3 months ago
By Jamiestempher  · 3 months ago
By lisannebremer  · 3 months ago
By Harmk  · 4 months ago
By rogerschutt  · 5 months ago
By marissabrunsveld  · 5 months ago
By arjanvisch  · 7 months ago
By Jeannette2103  · 8 months ago
great practice material
( -Translated by Google)
By MYIGIT27  · 9 months ago
By emmaxje  · 10 months ago
By sannetouw1995  · 10 months ago
By jamillavveen  · 1 year ago
( -Translated by Google)
By gabriellebosma  · 1 year ago
By sumpy  · 1 year ago
By linc  · 1 year ago
Simply top!
( -Translated by Google)
By anaamagdalenaa  · 1 year ago
By rickleusink  · 1 year ago
By AmyStuvia  · 1 year ago
By deborahvanbeveren-murris  · 2 year ago
By fleurmadelief  · 2 year ago
By simonekwood  · 2 year ago
By Marcelkleijnen  · 2 year ago
By kiimmm97  · 2 year ago
Very fine, am by practicing these exercises, I went to a 7.8 from a 2.5!
( -Translated by Google)
By shanushkalacruz  · 2 year ago
By michellevgeelen  · 2 year ago
By lindsayvandesteeg  · 2 year ago
By dierckx  · 2 year ago
neat summary
( -Translated by Google)
By nielsvegter  · 2 year ago
By 9004911  · 2 year ago
By  · 2 year ago
Super good preparation for the wiscat key! After 2 times insufficient, thick enough, a 9!
( -Translated by Google)
By lidyy-91  · 2 year ago
By Carmel1996  · 2 year ago
it is a good exercise with fine explanation and also answers to know where you stand. The key is just a tad easy. And specifying the number of car 's / buses / lorries chatted to be just weird.
( -Translated by Google)
By sjorsvanheuveln  · 2 year ago
By francatheuws  · 2 year ago
Fine to practice for the real thing.
( -Translated by Google)
By ninaaaaa1  · 2 year ago
Clear! Very useful
( -Translated by Google)
By bigboss1967  · 2 year ago
I achieved my country this button!
( -Translated by Google)
By annabel van dijk  · 2 year ago
By mbcbs  · 2 year ago
By ADV  · 2 year ago
By dvlieshout  · 2 year ago
It was not quite what I wanted, namely exercise level for wiscat, but it was actually a good incomer. The current wiscat is very different from what this practice test ...
( -Translated by Google)
By tinkaouwens  · 2 year ago
I think there are two errors in the effects. Exercise 7b: 33/4's 8 1/4 (no 8 1/3) Task 6c: 14/29 No 7/13 (you can not simplify 14/29)
( -Translated by Google)
By sjorsvanheuveln  · 2 year ago
That seems to be true, I'll just Please check. Thanks for the feedback.
( -Translated by Google)
By patricia95x  · 2 year ago
( -Translated by Google)
By Fabiennesp  · 2 year ago
By renéebootsma  · 2 year ago
By Carian  · 2 year ago
By MadelondeKoning  · 2 year ago
Good preparation for WISCAT
( -Translated by Google)
By El21  · 2 year ago
Very convenient to carry!
( -Translated by Google)
By tokio  · 2 year ago
By luukthijssen  · 2 year ago
By wilga80  · 3 year ago
Agrees well with the actual key only digitized
( -Translated by Google)
By joept  · 3 year ago
By Maxime0895  · 3 year ago
1st time not reached. At the 2nd time I made this practice test and passed with a plenty! Super for practice !!
( -Translated by Google)
By Antje77  · 3 year ago
How much time do you have for this test?
( -Translated by Google)
By soena  · 3 year ago
it was serviceable and fine for practice, but found the task at stuvia easier than giving the key.
( -Translated by Google)
By 2Wes  · 3 year ago
Close view of a paper WisCat. Extra attention to the quality of copy: I find slightly below par.
( -Translated by Google)
By Kayaa  · 3 year ago
The book is superb. Fine explanation. I can practice a lot with it, I just find it really annoying that there are no answers to the midterms? And that does not always work on the calculator.
( -Translated by Google)
By sjorsvanheuveln  · 3 year ago
Hi Kayaa, Answers are at the very end of the Answers section assignments for the answers to the WisCAT!
( -Translated by Google)
By pascalkleinamsterdam  · 3 year ago
By karinmerckens  · 3 year ago
By pietjen  · 3 year ago
By keylan  · 3 year ago
By sjenun  · 3 year ago
Very handy!
( -Translated by Google)
By Jacky-xxx  · 3 year ago
By danayelise  · 3 year ago
By LanaKnook  · 3 year ago
By kusxheidi  · 3 year ago
( -Translated by Google)
By Xkiiimmx  · 3 year ago
By charlotte1205  · 3 year ago
By Laura22  · 3 year ago
Nice touch to practice. Handy that explanations be given at the answers
( -Translated by Google)
By jelleb  · 3 year ago
Very fine practice test. Since wiscat especially from practice exists, I also # 2 downloaded and I can definitely recommend!
( -Translated by Google)
By xsonja13  · 4 year ago
Fine, wanted for family. It gives good level.
( -Translated by Google)
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