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INF1511 Assignment 4 Semester 2 2020

INF1511 Assignment 4 Semester 2 2020 Complete Solutions with explanations, a direct link to the python files via google drive, editable code included with screenshots. NB: Programs were written in Python 3.4 and PyQt4 as prescribed in texbook. GUARANTEED AN A!!! Or your money back! Please contact us directly if you have any queries before leaving any critical reviews. We're more than happy to assist you in any way we can!!

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By: KaylaHorn • 1 month ago

By: Lihle49 • 1 month ago

By: Jeanette523 • 1 month ago

By: Nduduzo5678 • 1 month ago

Good work. How do I click on the google drive link though?

By: cheggtutorials • 1 month ago

Hi there, if you're opening the document from pdf simply double click on the link else if you're opening it from some other program press control and click on the link at the same time. You can then download the files for the program and run the program on your device.

By: Nduduzo5678 • 1 month ago

Thanks it worked! I was using edge to view, i think that's why

By: Tyler897 • 1 month ago

Very thorough

By: RyanChetty532 • 1 month ago

I forgot the prescribed python was 3.4 but after I installed 3.4 it worked! Very detailed

By: studycheats • 1 month ago

Brilliant!!! I've never bought one with a google drive link to the python files! Really happy with this buy!

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