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NUR 2868 / NUR2868: Role, Scope, Quality, and Leadership in Professional Nursing Exam 2 (Latest 2020) Rasmussen College

NUR 2868 Role, Scope, Quality, and Leadership in Professional Nursing Exam 2 1. The nurse manager has had an increase in incident reports about medication errors during the evening shift. What is the best way for the nurse manager to resolve the problem? - 2. What is a function of the parish nurse? - 3. Which statement is most accurate regarding evidence-based practice? - 4. Before the IOM report was issued, "to err is human" adverse events were considered to be what? - 5. An RN is assigned to a step-down coronary care unit with 20 clients in various stages of recovery. What is the primary consideration in assigning the units staff that includes 2 RN's, 2 LPN's, and one CNA? - 6. What is a characteristic of a good nursing decision maker? - 7. What is a true statement regarding nursing judgement? - 8. A nurse manager noticed poor morale and grumbling among his staff. He decided to award them a few more days off in the upcoming schedule. Two of the staff nurses approached him and said that the problem was not scheduling, but rather the charge nurse and the way she does client assignments. What was the unit manager's first missed step in problem solving? - 9. The nurse manager wants to implement a revised policy and procedure on central line catheter care. What would be the most effective method of getting the staff nurses to incorporate a new evidence-based practice into their care? - 10. A client requires an appendectomy. The surgeon explains the procedure and asks the client to sign the consent. The client speaks very little English and looks worried. What is your best response? - 11. Which type of information obtained by a nurse during the assessment step in the nursing process is considered subjective data? - 12. Identify a typical response for a manager who uses laissez-faire approach to leadership when faced with a difficult decision - 13. What has been identified as a significant factor in moving EBP into client care? - 14. As a result of the Joint Commission assessment, a healthcare facility loses its accreditation. What is the primary consequence for this institution? - 15. Which step of the nursing process identifies the success or failure of the plan of care developed by a nurse? - 16. Considering that research is typically new knowledge, which would be considered research? - ... 17. In designing a quality, safe, healthcare environment, what should be the primary emphasis? - 18. What is an appropriate strategy that can be used by a nurse manager who is beginning to implement an evidence-based practice program? - 19. What best describes evidence-based nursing? - 20. Select the statement by a unit manager to the vice president for nursing during a budget meeting that would be most effective in decreasing the staffing ratio on her unit from one nurse for every 9 patients to one nurse for every7 patients. "this proposed change will..." - 21. There has been an increase in incident reports about clients falling during the 11-7 shift. What is the nurse manager's best way to resolve the problem? - 22. What is most accurate regarding evidence-based practice? - 23. Identify the best sources of support for nurse's beliefs about health care - 24. As a client care advocate, what should you regularly coach clients about as to how to stay safe at home and in the health care setting? - 25. Select the most effective method that nurses can use to gain power over their practice. - 26. What is the first step in the process of critical thinking? - 27. Identify the best and most inclusive definition of nursing research - 28. Why is the input of nurses vital to legislators? - 29. What is the document that provides nurses with the right to practice and specifies the parameters of professional practice? - 30. What comprises the branches found in the government at the federal level? - 31. A client with cognitive impairment and gross instability, wanders continuously. Lately, she has fallen twice, and the family demands that she be restrained. As the unit manager, you have initiated a least restraint practice. What would be your best action in this situation? - 32. Administration is renovating the nurse's lounge. The department asks the nursing staff to make a wish list of everything that they would like in the new lounge. This process is an example of which part of the decision-making process? - 33. What is the most important reason why nurses should be familiar with health-care reimbursement methods? - 34. If all of these goals were appropriate for a client, which would have the highest priority? - 35. Which demographic factor has the most significant effect on the health-care delivery system of the future? - 36. Which action is in compliance with Crossing the Quality Chasm? - 37. It is important to the future of nursing research that clinical practice areas find ways to support scientific inquiry. What has been identified as a significant barrier to the implementation of research findings in client care? - - 38. What is one of the primary goals of the Affordable Care Act of 2010? - 39. What is the best way for nurses to influence the legislative process at the federal level? - 40. What is true about the translation of research into practice? - 41. What approach may gain nursing support of adopting evidenced-based care related to family-centered care? - 42. Identify the term that best describes the act of science of influencing public policy - 43. A mediator noticed that tension was still evident between the nurse manager and staff members. To begin team-building what would be important for the chief nursing officer to encourage with the team? - 44. Identify a valuable source of information about political issues that affect the profession of nursing - 45. The nurse manager of a rehab unit wants to purchase a new anti-embolic stocking. What should the manager do to make a high-quality decision? - 46. Identify the statement that capsulizes every nurse's responsibility to clients in regards to research - 47. The nurse manager understands that what is the most important problem-solving step? - 48. What is the best strategy to be used by a small hospital with limited resources to develop an evidence-based nursing practice program? - 49. Which assignment is most appropriate for a CNA floated to the medical/surgical unit from the outpatient clinic? - 50. How can nurses best deal with the value systems of clients for whom they are providing care? -

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