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NR 507 NR507 MIDTERM WEEK 4 Question 2. Question : Where in the respiratory tract do the majority of foreign objects aspirated by children finally lodge? Question 3. Question : What is the primary cause of respiratory distress syndrome (RDS) of the newborn? Question 4. Question : Which statement concerning benign tumors is true? Question 5. Question : Which compensatory mechanism is spontaneously used by children diagnosed with tetralogy of Fallot to relieve hypoxic spells? Question 6. Question : Which cytokines initiate the production of corticotropin-releasing hormone (CRH)? Question 7. Question : Hemolytic disease of the newborn (HDN) can occur if the mother Question 8. Question : Decreased lung compliance means that the lungs are demonstrating which characteristic? Question 9. Question : Which statement concerning exotoxins is true? Question 10. Question : What is the ratio of coronary capillaries to cardiac muscle cells? Question 11. Question : How high does the plasma glucose have to be before the threshold for glucose is achieved? Question 12. Question : What is the chief predisposing factor for respiratory distress syndrome (RDS) of the newborn? Question 13. Question : Perceived stress elicits an emotional, anticipatory response that begins where? Question 14. Question : Causes of hyperkalemia include: Question 15. Question : Between which months of age does sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) most often occur? Question 16. Question : What is the fundamental physiologic manifestation of anemia? Question 17. Question : What is the life span of platelets (in days)? Question 18. Question : What part of the kidney controls renal blood flow, glomerular filtration, and renin secretion? Question 19. Question : An infant has a loud, harsh, holosystolic murmur and systolic thrill that can be detected at the left lower sternal border that radiates to the neck. These clinical findings are consistent with which congenital heart defect? Question 20. Question : The coronary ostia are located in the:

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