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MNGT 3711 Assignment 1: Forces and Public Issues in Industry - Grade A; 98%

Part A: Instructions Read Discussion Case: Coca-Cola’s Water Neutrality Initiative on pages 43 and 44 of your textbook. Question 1: Describe the “performance-expectations gap” evident in this case – what were the stakeholders’ concerns and how did their expectations differ from the company’s performance? (15 marks) Question 2: If you applied the strategic radar screens model to this case, which of the eight environments would be most significant? Support your position. (5 marks) Question 3: In your opinion, did TCCC respond appropriately to this public issue? Why or why not. (10 marks) Part B: Instructions The tobacco industry is constantly in the media. Choose one or more public issue(s) relating to the tobacco industry (banning of smoking in public places, secondary smoke health issues, controls on tobacco advertising and corporate sponsorship, youth or women as a tobacco industry target markets, etc.) Write a 2,500-word, double-spaced report containing the following: Section 1. Context: Introduce the issue(s) you have selected and list primary and secondary stakeholders influencing or influenced by this issue(s). Be specific in naming individuals, groups, associations, and/or government bodies and describe these stakeholders' roles. (15 marks) Section 2. What does this mean to my family?: Identify your own stakeholder role(s) in relation to the tobacco industry and cigarette smoking in our society. Describe the biases, perspectives, or experiences that may influence your position on this public issue. (10 marks)

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