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PYC4808 Assignment 6 - PAUL, MARY AND SIMON 2020

PYC4808 Assignment 6 - PAUL, MARY AND SIMON Document includes: Model answers to questions Examples of genogram and ecomap Examples of keys to use Marking rubric for genogram and ecomap of a previous year - still relevant Step by step instructions how to do your maps in word Marking rubric for developmental frameworks Detailed information for developmental framework answers FOC principles, and examples of a previous year's family lined to principle Marking rubric for Question 4 key points for Question 4 - which can be used for summary answer Example answers for all Question 5 sub questions Summary of A Nwoye’s articles for Q 5.3 possible merits and shortcomings for Q5.4 an example of a suitable conclusion reference list options plagiarism declaration This is not a document that you can download and submit. Do not commit plagiarism! You will have to put in the time and effort, by doing your own portfolio, in your own words. This document will make this portfolio activity a walk in the park! distinction guaranteed!! Please remember to adhere to the plagiarism guidelines and use your own words. Psychology Solution can not be held liable for any plagiarism charges against students.

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