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Exam (elaborations)

MN 551 Quiz 1/MN551 Quiz 1(Latest 2020) – Kaplan University

Question 1. 1. A nurse practitioner student is familiarizing herself with the overnight admissions to an acute medical unit of a university hospital. Which of the following patients would the student recognize as being least likely to have a diagnosis of antiphospholipid syndrome in his or her medical history? (Points : 0.4) A 66-year-old obese male with left-sided hemiplegia secondary to a cerebrovascular accident A 90-year-old female resident of a long-term care facility who has been experiencing transient ischemic attacks A 30-year-old female with a diagnosis of left leg DVT and a pulmonary embolism A 21-year-old male with a diagnosis of cellulitis and suspected endocarditis secondary to intravenous drug use Question 2. 2. Which of the following statements most accurately conveys an aspect of lymphatic system activity? (Points : 0.4) B and T lymphocyte development begins in the bone marrow and ends in the peripheral lymphoid structures. B cells and macrophages are released from the bone marrow in their completed state. Stem cells in the lymph nodes initiate and regulate the process of white cell synthesis. Leukocytes bypass vascular circulation and are distributed instead by the lymphatic system. Question 3. 3. A 30-year-old man has spent 5 hours on a cross-country flight seated next to a passenger who has been sneezing and coughing, and the man has been inhaling viral particles periodically. Which of the following situations would most likely result in the stimulation of the man's T lymphocytes and adaptive immune system? (Points : 0.4) Presentation of a foreign antigen by a familiar immunoglobulin Recognition of a foreign MHC molecule Recognition of a foreign peptide bound to a self MHC molecule Cytokine stimulation of a T lymphocyte with macrophage or dendritic cell mediation

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