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The first year of Cambridge Assessment International Examination (CAIE). These series of Notes are comprehensive, Detailed, Summarized and Easy to Understand. Students finds it very helpful as they prepare for examination. A lot of resources and research have been put together to develop this summary. So it's not restricted to the traditional text book. We have taken the pain to take the work off you. What you just need to do is to relax and go through the slides/pdf as everything has been broken down in simple terms for you to understand. Let's GO!!!:) SUMMARY CHAPTER 1: DATA, INFORMATION, KNOWLEDGE AND PROCESSING (A level IT 9626) What to expect and what you will be getting: Complete and in-depth slide presentation on (A level IT 9626): Data, information, knowledge and processing -- What will be covered: Data, information and knowledge • define data, clearly identifying that data has no meaning • define information and show how data can become information through context and meaning • define knowledge and understand that information becomes knowledge when human experience is applied. Also, we would go ahead and look at: Sources of data • define static data and give an example • define dynamic data and give an example • compare the use of static information sources with dynamic information sources • define direct and indirect data source • understand the advantages and disadvantages of gathering data from direct and indirect data sources Notes/summary will also be provided on: Quality of information • understand how accuracy, relevance, age, level of detail and completeness of the information can affect its quality We would learn also: Coding, encoding and encrypting data • describe the coding of data (including: M for male, F for female) and more intricate codes (including: clothing type, sizes and colour of garment) • discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the coding of data • evaluate the need for encoding data and analyse the different methods that can be used to encode data (including: codecs) • define encryption and describe different methods of encryption (including: symmetric, asymmetric, public key, private key) • evaluate the need for encryption and how it can be used to protect data such as on a hard disk, email or in HTTPS websites • discuss encryption protocols (including: the purpose of Secure Socket Layer (SSL)/Transport Layer Security (TLS) and the use of SSL/TLS in client server communication) Notes/ Summary on: Checking the accuracy of data • define validation and analyse a range of validation methods (including: presence check, range check, type check, length check, format check and check digit, lookup check, consistency check, limit check) • define verification and analyse verification methods (including: visual checking and double data entry) • explain the need for both validation and verification • define proofreading The notes/summary have been designed for easy understanding.

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