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NURS 6501 Advanced Pathophysiology Final Exam 2 / NURS6501 Exam (Latest): Walden University (Already graded A)

NURS 6501: Advanced Pathophysiology Final Exam 1. 1 yr. female is diagnosed w/ croup. What symptom is most likely present? - Resp. stride & barking cough 2. A 1 yr. old female is diagnosed w/ croup most likely cause of this disease is: - Viral infection 3. A 2-year-old female fell in swimming pool & nearly drowned. She then developed acute respiratory distress syndrome what did she most likely experience? - 4. 2 yr. male presented w/ growth & maturation retardation & splenomegaly. He died shortly after arriving @ the ER autopsy revealed thalassemia secondary to defective: - 5. A 3 yr. old child presents w/ bruising on legs & trunk & a potential rash. The mother also reports frequent nosebleeds. Lab tests reveal a decreased platelet count. Most likely diagnosis is: - 6. 5-month-old child is admitted to the hospital with recurring infections. A possible cause of this condition is - 7. A 5-year-old male is diagnosed w/ leukemia which of the following symptoms would be: - 8. 5-year-old male was diagnosed w/ glomerulonephritis history reveals that he had an infection 3 weeks before the onset of this condition. The infection was most likely located in the: - 9. 10-year-old male is diagnosed w/ sickle cell anemia. He most likely inherited it from: - 10. A 10-year-old male is stung by a bee while playing in the yard. He begins itching and develops pain, swelling, and respiratory difficulties. He is suffering from: - 11. 10 yr. female is arriving @ a national spelling bee contest. Her heart starts beating faster & harder & she begins to sweat. What is she experiencing? - 12. A 12-year-old male is diagnosed with Klinefelter syndrome. His karyotype would reveal which of the following? - 13. A 13-year-old girl has a karyotype that reveals an absent homologous X chromosome with only a single X chromosome present. Her condition is called - 14. A 13 yr. old female is diagnosed w/ asthma which of the following should she recognize as part of an asthmatic attack: - 15. A 20-year-old male shoots his hand with a nail gun while replacing roofing shingles. Which of the following cell types would be the first to aid in killing bacteria to prevent infection in his hand? - 16. A 20 yo male suffers a severe closed head injury in a motor vehicle accident. He remains in a vegetative state 1 month after the accident. Which of the following structures is most likely damaged? a. Cerebral cortex b. Brain stem c. Spinal cord d. Cerebellum 17. A 20 yo male was a t the supermarket when he fell to the ground. Bystanders reported that he lost consciousness and his body tensed up then relaxed, then tensed and relaxes several times. He most likely was experiencing a: a. Partial seizure b. Absence seizure c. Myoclonic seizure d. Tonic- clonic seizure 18. A 20 yr. male presents to his physician complaining of difficulty breathing when lying down this condition is referred to as: - 19. 28 male complains to his physician that he has had a cold for a week & is coughing up bloody secretions. This is referred to: - 20. 30 male prison mate contracted tuberculosis during an outbreak. He can transmit this disease through: - 21. 30 yr. female received a severe head injury in a motor vehicle accident. She is now experiencing resp. abnormalities characterized by alternation periods of deep & shallow breathing. This is referred to as: - 22. A 35-year-old male with a 30-year history of smoking is examined for respiratory disturbance. Examination of his airway (bronchial) reveals that stratified squamous epithelial cells have replaced the normal columnar ciliated cells. The type of cellular adaptation is called - 23. A 40-year-old female is diagnosed with a bacterial infection of the respiratory system. Which of the following will most likely be trying to fight the antigen? - 24. A 42 male was involved in a motor vehicle accident during which he suffered a severe head injury. He died shortly after the accident from loss of respiration. The area of the brain most likely involved is the: - 25. A 42-year-old female presents w/ dyspnea rapid, shallow breathing, inspiratory crackles decreased lung compliance & hypoxemia. Tests reveal a fulminate form of respiratory failure characterized by acute lung inflammation & diffuse alveoli capillary injury what is most likely diagnosis. - 26. A 42- yo male is involved in a motor vehicle accident during which he loses a lot of blood. He is in acute renal failure cause by: a. Kidney stones b. Immune complex deposition in the glomerulus c. Inadequate renal blood flow d. Obstruction of the proximal tubule 27. A 45 yo female presents with hypertension, anorexia, nausea, and vomiting, and anemia. She is diagnosed with chronic renal failure. Anemia in this pt is caused by: a. RBC lost in urine b. Production of erythropoietin is inadequate c. Iron absorption the gut is inadequate d. RBC are injured as they pass through the glomerulus 28. A 45 yo male was previously diagnosed with Parkinson disease. He has impaired fine repetitive motor movements. Which of the following areas is most likely damaged? a. Basal ganglia b. Prefrontal area c. Hippocampus d. Temporal lobe 29. A 45 yr. old female was recently diagnosed w/ cervical cancer. She reports a sexual history that includes 43 partners. Which is the most likely cause of her cancer? - 30. 47 yr. old male is diagnosed with pulmonary edema. What would be expected w/ this condition: - 31. A 65- yo male with a history of untreated hypertension is now experiencing left heat failure. The most likely reason is: a. Ventricular dilation and wall thinning b. Myocardial hypertrophy and ventricular remodeling c. Inhibition of rennin and aldosterone d. Alterations in alpha and beta receptor function 32. A 50-year-old female develops skin cancer on her head and neck following years of sun bathing which is most likely? - 33. 50-year-old female received trauma to the chest that caused severe impairment to the primary pacemaker cells of the heart. What areas receive the greatest damage? - SA node 34. 50-year-old male is diagnosed with orthostatic hypotension what symptom would be most likely experienced? - 35. 50-year-old male w/ 30 yr. history of smoking was diagnosed w/ lung cancer. He was previously exposed to air pollution, asbestos & radiation @ his job. What impact on development of cancer? - 36. A 50-yo male pt is deficient in ADH production. Which of the following would be an expected sign/ symptom? a. Increased blood volume b. Increased urine osmolality c. Increased urine volume d. Increased arterial vasoconstriction 37. 50 yr. female is suffering from anorexia, anemia, weight loss & altered metabolism resulting in malnutrition. She was previously diagnosed w/ cancer, what best describes her symptoms? - 38. 50 yr. old diabetic male did not take his medication & is now metabolic, acidosis. He is experiencing Kussmaul resp. that can be characterized by: - 39. 50 yr. old male presents w/ hypotension, hypoxemia & tracheal deviation to the left. Tests reveal that the air pressure in the pleural cavity exceeds barometric pressure in the atmosphere. What would be the diagnosis? - 40. A 51 yo male is admitted to the neuro critical care unit with a severe closed head injury. All four extremities are rigid in extension, his forearm is hyper pronated, and his legs are in plantar extension. This condition is known as: a. Decorticate posturing b. Decerebrate posturing c. Caloric posturing d. Excitation posturing 41. 52-year-old female is admitted to the cardiac unit w/ diagnosis of pericarditis. She asks the nurse to explain where the infection is. In providing an accurate prescription the nurse states that the pericardium is: - 42. A 52-year-old female is diagnosed with coronary artery disease. She would be expected to suffer from: - 43. A 52-year-old male suffered from a myocardial infarction secondary to atherosclerosis and ischemia. Once oxygen returned to the damaged heart, reperfusion injury occurred s a result of: - 44. A 53 male presents with recurrent chest pain on exertion. He is diagnosed w/ angina pectoris. The pain he experiences occurs when - 45. A 54- yo female is diagnosed w/ nephritic syndrome. Which of the following is a common symptom of this disease? a. Hematuria b. Dysuria c. Oliguria d. Proteinuria 46. A 54 yo pt w/ pulmonary TB (lung infections) is evaluated for SIADH. Which of the following clinical manifestations would be expected in this pt? a. Peripheral edema b. Tachycardia c. Low BP d. Concentrated urine 47. A 56 yo male presents w. flank pain and polyuria. Tests reveal that he has an enlarged prostate. Which of the following types of renal failure is most likely to occur? a. Prerenal b. Intrarenal c. Extrarenal d. Postrenal 48. 60-year-old female had a myocardial infarction she was brought to the hospital 30 minutes later. She survived but now has impaired ventricular function because: - 49. A 60 yo female was diagnosed with mitral stenosis. As a result, she has incomplete emptying of the: a. Right atrium b. Right ventricle c. Left atrium d. Left ventricle 50. A 60 yo male is diagnosed w/ renal failure. Which of the following lab values would be most consistent w. this diagnosis? a. Elevated plasma creatine level b. Decreased plasma potassium level c. Metabolic alkalosis d. Increased urea clearance 51. 65-Year-old male develops blockage in pulmonary artery. As a result, blood would 1st back up into the: - 52. A 65-year-old male was recently diagnosed w/ cancer. He is retired from construction work; which cancer is he likely to develop secondary to occupational hazards - 53. A 65-year-old male with history of untreated hypertension is now experiencing left heart failure. The most likely reason is: - 54. A 65 yo male recently suffered cerebral vascular accident. He is now unable to recognize and identify objects by touch because of injury to the sensory cortex. This condition is a form of: a. Hypo mimesis b. Agnosia c. Dysphagia d. Agraphia 55. 65 yr. old female w/ emphysema presents to ER for difficulty breathing, physical exam reveals bluish skin & mucus membranes. That condition is referred to as: - 56. 72 female has a history of hypertension & atherosclerosis. An electrocardiogram reveals back flow of the blood into left ventricle, what is the most likely diagnosis? - 57. 80 female develops pneumonia in hospital becomes cyanotic tachycardic & develops a fever and cough. Chest x ray reveals pus in pleural space, the diagnosis would be: 58. An 80 yo man reports urinary retention. Which of the following is most likely to contribute to this client's problem? a. Benign prostatic hypertrophy b. Diabetes c. Diet d. Hypertension 59. ACTH release can be stimulated by: a. High serum levels of cortisol b. Hypotension c. Hypoglycemia d. Stress 60. Active acquired immunity is gained - 61. ADH and oxytocin are secreted into the blood stream as active hormones by the: a. Anterior pituitary b. Posterior pituitary c. Hypothalamus d. Pineal gland 62. ADH is important in: a. The body's water balance and urine concentration b. Maintaining electrolyte levels and concentration c. Follicular maturation d. Regulation of metabolic processes 63. ADH release from the posterior pituitary is stimulated by: a. Low blood pressure sensed by baroreceptors in the kidneys b. High serum osmolarity sensed by osmoreceptors in the hypothalamus c. Low osmolarity sensed by osmoreceptors in the kidneys d. High concentration of potassium sensed by chemoreceptors in the carotid body 64. Adjuvant chemo treat is used: - 65. After birth, RBC are normally made only in: - 66. After exposure to a specific antigen, B cells differentiate into: - 67. Air way hyperresponsiveness in asthma is related to: - 68. Airway obstruction contribution to increased airflow -resistance & hypoventilation in asthma is caused by: - 69. Aldosterone secretion is regulated by: a. The sympathetic nervous system b. ACTH c. The renin- Angiotensin system d. Positive feedback control systems 70. _______ are the anchors of the atrioventricular valves. - 71. Arousal is mediated by the: a. Cerebral cortex b. Medulla oblongata c. RAS d. Cingulated gyrus 72. Asthma is thought to be caused by: - 73. Backflow of blood from the arteries into the relaxing ventricles is prevented by the: a. Venous valves b. Pericardial fluid c. Semilunar valves d. Atrioventricular valves 74. Bacteria become resistant to antimicrobials by: - Mutation 75. Bacterial pathogens can defend themselves from an immune response by: -

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