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Liberty University - THEO 104 quiz 2. Graded A

Liberty University - THEO 104 quiz 2 Question 1 ________ literally means “all-knowing” Question 2 Jehovah-Rapha means “The Lord that ______.” Question 3 Most religions agree on some of the major doctrinal points of God. Question 4 Holiness, justice, love, goodness, truth, and mercy are all examples of the non-moral attributes of God. Question 5 The names and titles given to God in Scripture reveal what he is like. Question 6 The word Trinity is found throughout the pages of both the Old and New Testaments. Question 7 0 out of 2 points By saying that God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit are _______________ one is affirming that there are three persons to the Trinity. Question 8 Water is a successful analogy in describing the nature of the Trinity. Question 9 Tri-theism teaches that Christianity is a ________ religion. Question 10 The Bible affirms that there are three distinct Gods within the Trinity. Question 11 When studying theology, there is no place to exercise reason. Question 12 _______ suggests that everything within the world can be explained by natural focuses and causes. Question 13 The word "day" in the biblical Creation account seems to indicate a 24-hour period of time. Question 14 This theory is similar to deistic evolution in the idea that a divine being started the process of life. Question 15 Ex nihilo is the Greek term meaning “out of nothing.” Question 16 A significant aspect of God’s activity in the world is related to human freedom. Question 17 Which one of the following is not a verse used to understand the immanence of God? Question 18 The immanence of God and the transcendence of God are opposites. Question 19 God is a personal God; He is intimately interacting with his creation. Question 20 Throughout the Bible, the writers of Scripture make arguments using____________. Question 21 Who is not one of the angels listed in the Bible by name? Question 22 Though angels are spirit beings, they do not have more power and intelligence than humanity. They are merely glorified human beings. Question 23 Gabriel is designated as the “Archangel.” Question 24 How can believers respond to Satan’s temptation? Question 25 Jesus believes that truth exists but not that humans can actually know or comprehend truth. Tuesday, October 2, 2018 8:46:06 PM EDT

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