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NSG 6001 Week 1 Knowledge Check Which of the following best describes the objective portion of a SOAP note? A 50-year-old female patient has a blood pressure of 118/72mm Hg, a negative family history for breast and ovarian cancer, a normal Pap smear 2 years prior and a Framingham Risk screening within normal limits. Which should be part of this patient’s routine annual well-patient exams? An asymptomatic 63-year-old female has a low-density lipoprotein level of 135 mg/dL. Which test is beneficial to asses this patient’s coronary artery disease risk? A patient reports abdominal and back pain with anorexia and nausea. During an exam, the provider notes a pulsatile abdominal mass. What is the initial action? nsg 6001 week 1 An elderly female without prior history of cardiovascular disease reports lower leg soreness and fatigue when shopping or walking in the neighborhood. The primary care provider notes decreased pedal pulses bilaterally. Which test will the provider order initially to evaluate for peripheral arterial disease based on these symptoms? NSG 6001 Week 2 Knowledge Check A patient develops a dry, non-productive cough and is diagnosed with bronchitis. Several days later, the cough becomes productive with mucoid sputum. What may be prescribe to help with symptoms? A primary care provider is performing a Tzanck test to evaluate possible herpes simplex lesions. To attain accurate results, the provider will: A primary care provider notes painless, hard lesions on a patient’s external ears that expel a white crystalline substance when pressed. What diagnostic test is ….? A patient reports persistent nasal blockage, nasal discharge and facial pain lasting on the right side for the past 4 months. There is no history of sneezing or eye involvement. The patient has a history of seasonal allergies and takes a non-sedating antihistamine. What does the provider suspect is the cause of these symptoms? nsg 6001 week 2 A patient reports painful oral lesions 3 days after feeling pain and tingling in the mouth. The provider notes vesicles and ulcerative lesions on the buccal mucosa. What is the most likely cause of these symptoms? NSG 6001 Week 3 Knowledge Check A patient reports anal pruitis and occasional bleeding with defecation. An examination of the perianal area reveals external hemorrhoids around the anal orifice as the patient is bearing down. The provider orders a colonoscopy to further evaluate this patient. What is the treatment for this patient’s symptoms? What is the probable underlying pathology of irritable bowel syndrome according to research over the last decade? Which is the most common cause of pancreatitis in the United States? A patient has persistent epigastric pain occurring 2 to 3 hours after a meal. Which test is definitive for diagnosis peptic ulcer in this patient? nsg 6001 week 3 A patient is noted to have prolonged bleeding after an intravenous needle is removed. A subsequent laboratory test reveals a prolonged activated partial thromboplastin (aPTT) time with a normal prothrombin time (PT). Based on this result, the provider may suspect alteration in function of which factor? NSG 6001 Week 4 Knowledge Check An older male patient reports urinary frequency, back pain and nocturia. A dipstick urinalysis reveals hematuria. What will the provider do next to evaluate this condition? A 30 year old male patient has a positive leukocyte esterase and nitrates on a random urine dipstick during a well patient exam. What type of urinary tract infection does this represent? A high school athlete is ….to the emergency department after collapsing during outdoor practice on a hot day. The patient is weak, irritable and confused. Serum sodium is 152 mEq/L and has dry mucous membranes and tachycardia. What is the initial approach to rehydration in this patient? nsg 6001 week 4 quiz What is an important purpose of conducting an interview prior to beginning neuropsychological testing on an older adult ….of having dementia? A patient reports recurrent headaches occurring 1 or 2 times per month that generally occur with weather changes or when sleep patterns are disrupted and describes them as severe, with throbbing on one side of the head and sometimes accompanied by nausea. What is the recommended treatment for this type of headache? NSG 6001 Week 5 Knowledge Check A patient with shoulder pain is seen by an orthopedic specialist who notes erythema, warmth and fluctuance of the shoulder joint. What is the next step in treatment for this patient? A patient comes to a provider with reports of unilateral arm pain and weakness with mild neck pain. The provider notes that the patient prefers holding the affected arm crossed in front of the throat. A history reveals a recent onset of sexual dysfunction. What does the provider suspect based on this history? A 45 year old patients reports a recent onset of unilateral shoulder pain which is describe as diffuse and is …with weakness of the shoulder but no loss of passive range of motion. What does the provider suspect as the cause of these symptoms? A patient is diagnose with polymyalgia rheumatica with giant cell arteritis. Which dose of prednisolone will be ….initially? nsg 6001 week 5 quiz A patient has swelling and tenderness in the small joints of both hands and reports several weeks of malaise and fatigue. A RF test is negative. What will the primary care provider do next?

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