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South University > NSG 6001 Midterm Exam 3 – Question with Answers >GRADED A

Of the answers below, which would be ….in defining a positive Exercise Echocardiogram? Question 19.Question :Improvements in the delivery and management of healthcare are necessary if we are to improve the overall health of this nation’s population. Which of the following are ….in your readings as strategic in the movement to improve the healthcare system? Specifically, when is an ETT considered to be negative? .Your patient has a maximum age-predicted heart rate of 180. During the exercise, he reaches a heart rate of 140 and then states he can no longer exercise. You see no evidence of ischemia on the ECG. This would be diagnostic for what condition? Your preceptor decides to add Doppler Flow studies to the echocardiogram exercise test for a patient with a recent history of a holistic murmur best auscultated at the left steral boarder. Nsg 6001 midterm exam The patient has no history of cardiac surgeries. He asks you what might be the main advantages of adding Doppler Flow for this particular patient. You know from your readings that there are several reasons to add Doppler Flow and below are listed more than one correct reason. Your best response for this specific case, however, would be that Doppler Flow studies would be of what additive value during the echocardiogram study? The sensitivity of a routine ETT is effort dependent. What physiological changes occur during effort in the routine ETT? 6.Medicare hospital insurance (Part A) is ….through what system? After completion of the exercise stress test, you would measure the ST-segment depression after the J point of the QRS. The J point is located where in relation to the QRS? Why would inability to exercise reduce the specificity of the routine ETT? For women with known CAD and diabetes, which is most appropriate to assess CAD risk? Medicare covers inpatient hospital services under which part of the Medicare insurance? We all know that collaboration is integral to becoming a successful nurse practitioner. Among collaborations, however, only one can be ….as the most important. While each example below is important, which is the most important collaboration? The one that occurs:

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