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NURS 6541 WK5 Quiz>Walden University

NURS 6541 Week 5 Quiz – Question and Answers A 7-year-old presents to your office with several linear, curved lines approximately 4 millimeters in length that end in a papule. The lines are near the umbilicus and waist area. He complains about severe itching that is worse at night. You suspect: You see a 10-year-old with warts on the hand. This is best treated with: Which of the following treatments is indicated for tineaversicolor? Jaime presents with lesions on his forearms. He was bit by mosquitos and he “just wouldn’t stop scratching them.” You notice two crusted lesions with erythematous bases on the lower portion of both arms. He also has two pustular lesions around his nose. What is the preferred therapy for this child? A new mother is concerned about a strawberry hemangioma that her infant daughter has on the back of her neck. What is the treatment of choice for the majority of infants with hemangiomas? Michael is a 10-month-old with erythematous papular dermatitis on the face, scalp, and neck. His mother says he is constantly rubbing the skin. There is a strong family history of asthma and allergies. The most likely diagnosis is: You see a 6-year-old who obtained a cut on his foot while walking barefoot. You diagnose cellulitis. He is up to date on his DTaP vaccine. There is a low-grade temperature and appears nontoxic. There is considerable pain when you palpate the foot. Which of the following treatments is best? You receive a phone call from a mother of a 3-year-old who was diagnosed yesterday with molluscumcontagiosum at a well-child visit. The mother was not at the visit and has questions about what type of treatment the child will need. Your best response is: nurs 6541 week 5 quiz You diagnose a 2-month-old with atopic dermatitis. She has an erythematous pruritic rash on her cheeks and scalp with ovoid patches on her trunk. What is the most important intervention at this time? You diagnose a 14-year-old with tineacapitis. Which of the following treatments do you recommend?

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