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WALDEN>>NURS 6541 Midterm Exam Review (Week 1-6)

NURS 6541 Midterm Exam Review (Week 1-6) WEEK 1: GROWTH AND DEVELOPMENT Safety with Car Seats – remain rear facing for as long as possible until they reach weight or height of seat. Vaccination Schedules and contraindications – Child Abuse mandatory reporting–any reason to believe that there is abuse or neglect, you do not have to have burden of proof, Failure to thrive causes Breastfed baby’s possible health problems Normal birth weights and growth–birth to 6 months growth ½ – 1 inch a month and gain 5-7 ounces a week. Double birth weight by 5 months Normal reflexes in newborns Language development issues Fine motor skills Signs of puberty Piaget developmental stages Normal vital signs for various age groups Congenital infection with cytomegalovirus, complications of prematurity nurs 6541 midterm exam Crawling (7-10 months), sitting (4-7 months without support 8 months), rolling over (tummy to back early as 4 months – 5-6 months back to front), walking milestones (9-12 months) WEEK 2: INFANTS, TODDLERS, AND PRESCHOOLERS Normal premature infant growth Protein calorie malnutrition Small size differentials Poor weight gain differentials Well Child Visit standards for these age groups Normal sequencing of development in a toddler Treatment for teething Early interventions services for speech Sleep refusal Bowel training issues Breath holding Bilingual children and expectations Vaccination schedule Normal sleep patterns Correct order for introduction of food Screening for TB Normal breastfeeding schedules WEEK 3: SCHOOL-AGE CHILDREN AND ADOLESCENTS Drug Screening adolescents Vaccination catch up schedule Routine lab screenings Anticipatory guidance for each age group Bedwetting Erickson’s stages of development Safety concerns Bullying Puberty Adolescent substance abuse Lab screenings in adolescents Female peak height velocity WEEK 4: HEENT Differential diagnoses for patients with HEENT disorders Various treatment options for common HEENT disorders Evaluate pattern recognition in patient diagnoses nurs 6541 midterm exam WEEK 5: RESPIRATORY, CARDIOVASCULAR AND GENETIC DISORDERS RSV Pneumonia–bacterial, mycobacterial, viral, fungal, or parasitic Bronchitis Asthma Croup–acute inflammation, caused by parainfluenza virus type 1 infection Bronchiolitis – acute viral infection of lower resp tract Foreign body aspiration Epiglottitis Tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy Down syndrome – Trisomy 21 Edwards syndrome – Trisomy 18 Turner syndrome Fragile x syndrome–genetic abnormality of the X chromosome that causes intellectual disability and behavioral disorders. Abnormality of FMR1 gene unstable triplet repeat expansion; Fragile X syndrome is not a chromosome abnormality XYY male Klinefelter syndrome Cystic fibrosis WEEK 6: BEHAVIORAL AND MENTAL HEALTH ISSUES Child abuse Adhd–symptoms can appear btwn 3-6 and continue Autism nurs 6541 midterm exam Dyslexia – learning disorder involving problems in reading, mathematics, spelling, written expression or handwriting Fetal alcohol syndrome – alcohol exposure in utero increases risk for Spontaneous AB, decrease birth weight, Depression

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