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kaplan university.MN 566 Midterm Exam – Question and Answers

Generalized patterns of nursing care are represented in The Circle of Caring Model as:(choose all that apply) The Circle of Caring Model is a new and more contemporary approach to medicine. Choose the characteristics that best describe this model of care in the primary care setting. Which is the most important question to ask in nursing research? Which of the following is a crucial element of developing a guideline? Treatment options in cluster headaches include the use of Which of the following would be considered the research design for Level VI evidence? Which of the following would be considered the research design for Level IV evidence? When evaluating a patient with a an acute headache all of the following observations would indicate the absence of a more serious underlying condition except: Using mnemonics for gathering a health history can be helpful when trying to analyse the symptoms presented and create a differential list.Which mnemonic will give you the most comprehensive approach to collecting your history? Clinicians who use clinical guidelines are responsible for reviewing their usefulness in their practice. The practical application of findings from a set of studies is known as: What are the questions you should ask yourself before using clinical guidelines in your practice? All are correct except (mark the ones that apply) The Goals of Diagnostic Reasoning is to:(choose all that apply) Choose all the following that are essential in developing clinical practice guidelines: Bloom’s (1956) taxonomies of learning includes all of the following except: Understanding other factors that can be causing the patients problems include:. Choose all that should be considered Which of the following would be considered the research design for Level III evidence? Different kinds of thinking and learning also include the Affective Domain. This model described by Krathwohl (1964), is : The Symptom Management Model proposes to consider three dimensions as an advanced practice approach to care. Choose the three dimensions that are suggested. Identify the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question. Which of the following are parts of evidence-based practice? Which of the following would be considered the research design for Level V evidence? The Circle of Caring Model has grown out of and is rooted in the assumption that caring is the central concept in nursing and is uniquely known and expressed in nursing. Which of the following would be considered the research design for Level I evidence? Nursing research should be utilized by: Practice guidelines are designed to:

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