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Innovation Management B&M summary

Innovation Management B&M summary Chapter 1: introduction Chapter 2: Industry dynamics of technological innovation Chapter 3: Types and patterns of innovation Paper: challenges in innovation management Paper: Does management really work? Chapter 4: Standards battles and design dominance Chapter 5: Timing of entry Paper: Patterns of industrial evolution, dominant designs, and firm’s survival. Paper: Battles for technological dominance: an integrative framework Chapter 10: organizing for innovation Paper: R&D, organization structure, and the development of corporate technological knowledge. Paper: scale, scope, and spillovers: the determinants of research productivity in drug discovery. Chapter 8: collaboration strategies Chapter 11: Managing the new product development process Paper: How open is innovation? Paper: Inter-organizational collaboration and innovation: toward a portfolio approach Chapter 9: Protecting innovation Chapter 13: Crafting a deployment strategy Paper: Patents are eating the world and hurting innovation Paper: The paradox of openness: appropriability, external search and collaboration Paper: How to capture value from innovation: shaping intellectual property and industry architecture Chapter 10: Organizing for innovation (pt.2): managing innovation across borders Paper: Too much or too little of R&D offshoring: the impact of captive offshoring and contract offshoring on innovation performance Paper: Ten rules for managing global innovation

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