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Summary Articles Organisational Design

Dit betreft een samenvatting van de volgende artikelen: Christis, J.H.P., E. Soepenberg (2014) Lowlands Sociotechnical Design Theory and Lean Production Lauche, K. (2015) Human centred work design and its roots Lekkerkerk, L.J. (2015) Organizing innovation. Comparative case-study using a new research tool to study innovation structures. Paper presentedat STS-RT 2015 Conference in Louvain (Leuven) Wood, Nigel (2004) (de volgende zes artikelen): - Lean Thinking: What it is and what it isn't, Management Services; Feb 2004; 48, 2; p. 8-10 - Customer Value: Applying the First Principle of Lean, Management Services; Mar 2004; 48, 3; p. 14-17 - Learning to see: How does your supply chain function?, Management Services; Apr 2004; 48, 4; p. 16-19 - Make it Flow: Moving from Batch and Queue to Single Piece Flow, Management Services; May 2004; 48, 5; p. 14-18 - What the customer wants: Making at the pull of the customer, Management Services; Jun 2004; 48, 6; p. 16-19 - Making it stick: Sustaining your Improvements, Management Services;Jul 2004; 48, 7; p. 20-23

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