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PHSC 210 Quiz 5 Questions with Answers(Graded A):Liberty University

PHSC 210 Quiz 5 – Questions and Answers A layer of rock that is impermeable and traps a pool of water above it is called a(n) This type of process might cause a door to your house not to open very well in the winter time. A hillside in Alabama with bent tree trunks and cock-eyed tomb stones and fence posts is probably experiencing When a well is heavily pumped The most powerful and rapid stream erosion process is The 1929 Grand Banks earthquake created this type of mass movement that covered tens of thousands of square kilometers on the ocean floor (choose the best answer) All of these mass movement processes occurred during the 1980 eruption of Mount St. Helens except All of the following except _____ contributed to the Thistle, Utah slide in the spring of 1983. Choose the untrue statement about the 1983 Thistle landslide in Utah. Which soil horizon contains a mixture of organic material and minerals? A rapid flow composed of 40% boulders, 30% gravel, 10% sand and 10% water coming down a slot canyon would be a Tufa and travertine are types of Vertical sandstone and shale beds are exposed along the ocean. The shales weather faster than the sandstones. This would be an example of A stream with the most numerous numbers of bars and channels would be a _____ stream. The ability of water to flow through a rock is called 16. A major method by which material gets delivered to the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon is The largest reserve of freshwater on earth is found in Water that is drawn up just above the water table is called Weathering is an important process in the formation of soils. Scripture identifies the rock that Moses struck, and subsequently produced water, as Christ. Despite water temperatures in excess of 100° C (the boiling point of water), numerous living bacteria can be found in the hot springs of Yellowstone National Park. Most rural homes have septic tanks that empty their overflow water just above the same aquifer in which the drinking water is drawn from. Relief is the angle of a particular slope. An aquiclude is usually found below a perched water table. Hydraulic action causes rapid erosion from the explosion of vacuum bubbles.

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