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Marketing & Sales: Summary Quarter 1

COURSE: International Business, year 1, Quarter 1, Marketing & Sales BOOKk: Principles of Marketing (7th European edition) *2898 CONTENT: -Chapter 1 -Chapter 3 -Chapter 7 (p. 194) -Chapter 8 (p. 226-238) -Chapter 10 -Chapter 12 (p. 340-345 p. 351-356) -Chapter 14 (p. 408-412 p. 414-415 p. 422-424) -Chapter 20 (p. 593-594) OMITTED: -Sustainable marketing: the call for more environmental and social responsibility (p. 25) -World population growth (p. 74) -The changing age structure of the world’s population (p. 75) -Generational differences in the developed world (p. 75) -Generational marketing (p. 77) -Changing family structures (p. 77) -New household formats (p. 77) -Singletons (p. 77) -Working woman (p. 78) -The youth market (p. 78) -Older consumers and workers (p. 79) -Geographic shifts in population and market diversity (p. 79) -Migration (p. 79) -Ethnic diversity in markets (p. 80) -Recognising other aspects of diversity in markets (p. 81) -Urbanisation of population (p. 82) -Changes in consumer spending (p. 83) -Income distribution (p. 84) -Socially responsible behaviour (p. 89) -Cause-related marketing (p. 90) -Shifts in secondary cultural values (p. 90) -People’s views of themselves (p. 90) -People’s views of others (p. 91) -People’s views of organisations (p. 91) -People’s views of nature (p. 91) -People’s views of the universe (p. 92) -Organisational considerations (p. 302) -The economy (p. 304) -Analysing consumer needs (p. 352) -Setting channel objectives (p. 352) -Types of intermediaries (p. 353) -Designing international distribution channels (p. 354) -Integrated marketing communications (p. 409) -Steps in developing effective marketing communication (p. 414) -Shaping the overall promotion mix (p. 421)

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