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REL212 Week 5 Midterm 2 2019 Quiz_Strayer University-Score 100%

REL 212 Week 5 Midterm 2 The major teachers in Janism are called the __________. The Dahomey tradition from West Africa was carried to Haiti by African slaves and called __________. The Japanese teacher Nichiren believed that the essence of Buddhism could be found in the __________. Buddhists who follow the Theravada tradition study a large collection of ancient scriptures called the __________. The oldest of the known Vedic scriptures is the __________. Redaction refers to the __________ of scripture. Chan Buddhism focuses predominantly on Among shamans, medicine power is considered spiritually __________. The word Jain derives from this term, meaning “winner over one’s passions.” An allegory is an effective kind of religious narrative because it __________. How many limited vows apply to Jain monks? The karma-run wheel of birth, death, and rebirth is called __________. Sacred rituals that are especially important in the veneration of ancestors are called __________. The father of modern, independent India who taught nonviolent resistance to military and industrial oppression was __________. What is the name for a Hindu spiritual teacher? The founder of Buddhism was a contemporary of __________. The practice that helps one determine the harmonious placement of a building or objects is known as __________. When indigenous ways were threatened with repression, many of the traditions were practiced __________. Jiva means __________. A little over one hundred years after Confucius died, a “Second Sage” named __________ was born. Find Similar Products by Category

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