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Chamberlain College Nursing BIOS 252 Unit 8 Final Exam STUDY GUIDE LATEST 2019{Already the attempted Score is an A} 100%

Chamberlain College of Nursing - BIO 256-BIOS 252 Final Exam STUDY GUIDE. Chapter 10 Muscle tissue function Types of skeletal muscle proteins/function Chapter 11 Steps in skeletal muscle contraction Definitions Chapter 12 Excitatory neurotransmitter function Inhibitory neurotransmitter function Depolarization (concept) Repolarization (concept) Hyperpolarization (concept Chapter 13 Internal anatomy of spinal cord Cervical enlargement (part of body it supplies) Lumbar enlargement (part of body it supplies) Sympathetic stimulation Parasympathetic stimulation Ascending tract (sensory or motor) Descending tract (sensory or motor) Chapter 14 Meninges Cranial nerves (number and function) Wernicke’s area Broca’s area Location of: Function of: Hypothalamus Hippocampus Medulla oblongata Cerebellum Chapter 17 Semicircular canal (function ) Presbyopia Hyperopia Myopia Cones/Rods Olfactory receptor location Iris (description) Cornea (description) Conjunctiva (description) Primary taste sensations Special senses Cataract (treatment) Chapter 18 Posterior Pituitary Gland (Identification and hormones *Understand how Pituitary gland is involved) Anterior Pituitary Gland (Identification and hormones secreted) Adrenal Gland ( top of the kidneys ) Pineal Gland (location and hormone) Differences in the control of the Pituitary gland) Infundibulum Pancreas (function of hormones) IDENTIFICATION Muscles Vision Brain

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