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Biology Why do scientists publish the results of their work? John wanted to find out which laundry soap was best for removing grass stains. Each soap was mixed with warm water. It was then used to scrub a piece of grass-stained cloth for 1 minute. Then the amount of stain left on the cloth was measured. What is the dependent variable? A. Water Temperature B. Laundry soap C. Amount of stain left on cloth D. Scrubbing time for each cloth Which of the following types of RNA is known for its catalytic abilities? dsRNA mRNA rRNA tRNA Ribosomes are composed of rRNA and what other component? protein carbohydrates DNA mRNA Which of the following is typically found as part of the prokaryotic genome? chloroplast DNA linear chromosomes plasmids mitochondrial DNA If a DNA strand contains the sequence 5ʹ-ATTCCGGATCGA-3ʹ, which of the following is the sequence of the complementary strand of DNA? 5ʹ-TAAGGCCTAGCT-3ʹ 5ʹ-ATTCCGGATCGA-3ʹ 3ʹ-TAACCGGTACGT-5ʹ 5ʹ-TCGATCCGGAAT-3ʹ 5ʹ-TCGATCCGGAAT-3ʹ 3ʹ-AGCTAGGCCTTA-5ʹ, which can be also written as 5ʹ-ATTCCGGATCGA-3ʹ. During denaturation of DNA, which of the following happens? Hydrogen bonds between complementary bases break. Phosphodiester bonds break within the sugar-phosphate backbone. Hydrogen bonds within the sugar-phosphate backbone break. Phosphodiester bonds between complementary bases break. How do prokaryotes and eukaryotes manage to fit their lengthy DNA inside of cells? Why is this necessary? What are some differences in chromosomal structures between prokaryotes and eukaryotes? . Which of the following is not found within DNA? thymine phosphodiester bonds complementary base pairing amino acids How is the information stored within the base sequence of DNA used to determine a cell’s properties? How is the information stored within the base sequence of DNA used to determine a cell’s properties?

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