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Elementary Russian 1 Notes

Hey everyone! I’m totallyintomath, and these are the notes I typed in the Summer 2019 semester to use while taking my Elementary Russian 1 course. These notes are specially formulated to explain all the fundamental information clearly and concisely. After attending every single class, asking questions, and understanding everything I was confused on, I have written down every misconception and rephrased puzzling terminology so that others don’t have to sit through mountains of jargon, like I did. All the important information is organized into their corresponding concepts so that navigating through these pages can be easy and stress-free. Russian words are in a bigger font and include stress to make it easier to read and see. Diagrams and even extremely simple examples are given to make you further comprehend the material. These notes cover everything taught throughout the semester, including: The Russian Alphabet (Cyrillic Alphabet) including names and pronunciation Hard and Soft Consonants (Hard and Soft-inducing vowels) Stress and Common Exceptions in Vowel Stress Voiced and Voiceless Consonants Intonation Capitalization Vocab. on common classroom objects and professions The conjunctions but, or, and Greet others, ask their name, and give them your name Determine the gender of nouns Forming plurals, adjectives, and personal and possessive pronouns in the nominative case Common Spelling Rules The difference between a and и Interrogative Pronouns Forming and understanding patronymics and last names Vocab. on family members / people, locations, and instruments The prepositions в, о, на and forming the prepositional case Talking about where one works, lives, studies, etc. Talking about what instrument or sport one plays Fleeting Vowels Indeclinable Nouns Forming Present Tense Verbs Forming nouns (singular and plural), adjectives, and personal and possessive pronouns in the prepositional case Describing Locations Different Types of Adverbs How to Use Them Word Order The Difference Between в and на Vocab. on majors, sports, the different types of classes, musical / theatrical places, and nationalities Talking about time in general and interests / activities Forming nouns (singular and plural), adjectives, and personal and possessive pronouns in the accusative case The Difference Between Inanimate and Animate Nouns Describing direction and motion The Demonstrative Modifier Using Verbs of Motion (Determinate and Indeterminate Verbs) Forming the Past Tense of Imperfect Verbs Vocab. on people’s features / characteristics and numbers Forming nouns (singular and plural), adjectives, and personal and possessive pronouns in the genitive case When to form masc. / plural animate nouns in the genitive case How to Show Possession, Quality, and Negation How to Use ecть and нет Prepositions that Use the Genitive Case How to Form Different Numberals This document is perfect for students who don’t have the time to make their own notes, can’t find an exceptional ones online, or have no idea where to start studying. To make the most effective use out of this study guide, I would recommend highlighting the most important parts to really hammer in what has to be understood. Though this was created while I was at Tunxis Community College, anyone from any school can benefit by reviewing these notes. About the author: I’m totallyintomath, a young, motivated college freshman (as of 2019) majoring in Mathematics. Though I’m not entirely sure where mathematics will lead me, all I know is that I take great pride and passion in my hardwork and wish to pursue this field further. One day, I decided that I could achieve even greater ambitions, fought immensely to earn ten high school credits in one year, and graduated a year early. Unfortunately, I could only attend community college because I didn’t have an SAT score. That was where my college journey began, leaving my high school behind to find something even better than myself.

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