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Summary mandatory articles Organisation and Environment 2018-2019

A summary of the following articles: Aalbers, H.L., Dolfsma, W., & Leenders, Th.A.J. (2016). Vertical and Horizontal Cross-Ties: Benefits of Cross-Hierarchy and Cross-Unit Ties for Innovative Project Teams. Journal of Product Innovation Management, 33(2): 141-153. (NETWORK THEORY) REALIZATION Bertels, S., Howard-Grenville, J., & Pek, S. (2016). Cultural molding, shielding, and shoring at Oilco: The role of culture in the integration of routines. Organization Science,27(3): 573-593. Levin, D. Z., & Cross, R. (2004). The strength of weak ties you can trust: The mediating role of trust in effective knowledge transfer. Management Science, 50(11): 1477-1490. (NETWORK THEORY) TRUST Van den Oever, K., & Martin, X. (2019). Fishing in troubled waters? Strategic decision‐making and value creation and appropriation from partnerships between public organizations. Strategic Management Journal, (POWER School, Macro power) slide 20 40(4): 580-603. Whelan, E., Parise, S., De Valk, J., & Aalbers, R. (2011). Creating employee networks that deliver open innovation. MIT Sloan Management Review, 53(1): 37-44. (NETWORK THEORY) IDEATION

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