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LAS MAS MUS 337: Quiz 6: Graded A 100%

LAS MAS MUS 337: Quiz 6 Question 1 (5 points) Match the song with its genre. Question 1 options: 5. Huapango 3. Canción ranchera (slow duple meter - triple meter) 1. Son jalisciense 4.Canción ranchera (Fast Duple Meter) 2. Mexican polka 1. "El son de la negra" ("The song of the black woman") 2. "Jesusita en Chihuahua" ("Jesusita in Chihuahua") 3. "El rey" ("The king") 4. "Allá en el Rancho Grande" 5. "Serenata Huasteca" Question 2 (1 point) The event being documented in the mariachi film, "Sing and Don't Cry," was Guadalajara's International Mariachi Band Competition and was significant in that it brought mariachis from many places, not just Mexico, together to perform, share, and appreciate the many facets and flavors of mariachi, as well as the commonalities fundamental to the musical practice. Question 2 options: True False Question 3 (1 point) The mariachi band from Tucson, Arizona, highlighted in the film, "Sing and Don't Cry," was important in that it showed the strength young people have despite being forced to emigrate from their homes in Mexico. Question 3 options: True False Question 4 (1 point) One obvious change in mariachi groups when they moved from rural to urban areas was the adoption of the charro attire. Question 4 options: True False Question 5 (1 point) What is the origin of the charro mariachi costume? Question 5 options: A) It recalls the uniform of the Spanish horsemen of the hacienda. B) It harkens to the attire of Emiliano Zapata, leading figure in the Mexican Revolution. C) It replaced the peasant garb of the mariachi players in order to become more presentable to an audience. D) All of the above Question 6 (1 point) How do the original mariachi groups of the countryside compare with the modern mariachi groups of the city? Question 6 options: A) They are identical and have continued the musical tradition in its exactitude. B) The instrumentation, attire, and methods of learning have changed noticeably. C) The mariachi groups function in different ways with the rural mariachi representing the Mexican people, and the urban mariachi playing mainly to get air time on the radio and sell recordings. D) None of the above Question 7 (1 point) The modern mariachi ensemble typically does NOT include which of the following instruments? Question 7 options: A) guitarrón B) trumpet C) maracas D) violin Question 8 (1 point) "El Son de la Negra" ("The Song of the Black Woman") is sometimes referred to as the second national anthem of Mexico due to its traditional and representative mariachi style. What type or style of mariachi music is it? Question 8 options: A) Mexican polka B) Música norteña C) Canción ranchera D) Son jalisciense Question 9 (1 point) According to UNESCO's short video, "Mariachi, String Music, Song, and Trumpet," mariachis play a variety of historically European dance-music genres, such as the: Question 9 options: minuet schottische waltz All of the above Question 10 (1 point) Which of the following mariachi ensembles was highlighted in the film, "Sing and Don't Cry"? Question 10 options: Mariachi Perla de Occidente Mariachi Vargas de Tecalitlán Mariachi Chapala Mariachi Tapatío de José Marmolejo Question 11 (1 point) According to the film, "Sing and Don't Cry," for what types of occasions do the street mariachis play? Question 11 options: Funerals Weddings Serenades All of the above

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