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Samenvatting: LOEP D2 uitleg artikel

Uitleg van het artikel voor LOEP D2: Using the 7-point checklist as a diagnostic aid for pigmented skin lesions in general practice. In dit document uitgewerkte vragen uit het bartje en extra uitleg over bijvoorbeeld de AUC en de sommen. Succes met de toets!

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By: studenthhu • 1 week ago

By: KirxH • 1 week ago

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Hi in a message you indicated that you were not satisfied because there is no explanation about the AUC, which is posted on pages 7 to 9. All the questions on the Darryl have been answered. Quotes mean that the answer is the same as the previous question. These look like this: “”. Greetings, Kirsten

By: dehuidtherapeute • 2 weeks ago

By: lottemonninkhoff • 2 weeks ago

By: mereldavidsz • 1 year ago

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