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LAS MAS MUS 337 SUM19 101: Quiz 4; Scored 100%

Question 1 (3 points) Match the composer to the composition. Question 1 options: Juan Gutiérrez de Padilla Manuel Sumaya Gaspar Fernandes 1. "A la xácara xacarilla" 2. "Villancico a 6 al príncipe de la iglesia, el señor San Pedro" 3. "A negrito de Cucurumbé" Question 2 (4 points) Match the perfomer(s) to the song. Question 2 options: Zapotec musicians Crescencio M. García Capilla Virreinal de la Nueva España Schola Cantorum Mexico 1. "Delgadina" 2. Kyrie from Missa Ego Flos Campi 3. "Xicochi, xicochi conetzintle" 4. "Son de la Danza de los Mixes" Question 3 (8 points) Match the musical genre with its description. Question 3 options: Jácara Negrito Vilancico Mass Sones Divinos Romance Himno Matachines 1. A ballad song and precursor to the corrido that speaks on the subjects of love, power, and intrigue 2. Music written for the Catholic church service according to particular "ordinary" and "proper" sections 3. A song and dance form not intended for church used to highlight festivities and celebrations 4. Music created with popular melodies and dance rhythms used in religious services in an effort to include more people 5. Villancico with African influences, such as in language, rhythms, and instrumentation 6. A wind band musical form used for sacred purposes, translating to "hymn" or "anthem," which praises God in a religious context, although is also used for nationalistic purposes in other contexts 7. A wind band musical form translated as "sacred dance songs" used for spiritual devotion and demonstrating indigenous musical elements with those of Europe 8. Ritual dance-drama accompanying many festivals that demonstrates indigenous spiritual practices with adopted Christian beliefs Question 4 (3 points) Match the characteristic of the Danzas de Conquista with its probable source. Question 4 options: Use of wind and percussion instruments only Using musical notation Using dance steps in the form of a cross or the cardinal directions 1. Indigenous 2. Spanish Influence 3. Mestizaje (or Mixed Elements) Question 5 (1 point) What genre mixes Spanish and other native languages for secular and sacred celebrations? Question 5 options: A) Villancico B) Copla C) Son D) Estribillo Question 6 (1 point) What term is used to identify native-born descendants of Spaniards? Question 6 options: A) Peninsulares B) Cristianos C) Mestizos D) Criollos Question 7 (1 point) A primary difference between the Danza de los Concheros and the Danza Azteca (or Danza Mexica) is the use of the concha, a stringed instrument of obvious Spanish influence. Question 7 options: True False Question 8 (1 point) The Mixes are an indigenous language group with a presence in the highlands of the state of Jalisco. Question 8 options: True False Question 9 (1 point) Moros y Cristianos is a type of religious dance-drama originally used by the Spaniards to convert native Mexicans to Christianity. Question 9 options: True False

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