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LAS MAS MUS 337 QUIZ 3: Graded A

Question 1 (4 points) Match the term to its definition. Question 1 options: Nahua professional musicians Sea shell horn Membranophone made of carved wooden tree trunk with animal skin drum head Song in Nahuatl 1. Atecocolli 2. Cuicatl 3. Cuicapiztles 4. Huéhuetl Question 2 (3 points) Match the following musical practices and peoples. Question 2 options: Cora people of Nayarit Yaqui people of Sonora Huichol people of Nayarit 1. Harvest chant performed by shaman with mitote for harvest ceremonies and feast day 2. "Wiricuta," a fiddle song from the Peyote Cycle regarding the use of the peyote cactus and naming the holy site of San Luis Potosi 3. "Tlaxcala, Tlaxcala," a Danza del Venado (Deer Dance) from the Pascola Ceremony, which describes events in the Seyewailo (Flower World) Question 3 (3 points) Match the composer to the composition. Question 3 options: Christopher Moroney José Ávila Carlos Chávez 1. "Raíz Viva" 2. "Teponazcuicatl" 3. "Xochipilli" Question 4 (1 point) This category includes instruments which produce sound from vibrating columns of wind or air. Question 4 options: A) Chordophones B) Idiophones C) Aerophones D) Membranophones Question 5 (1 point) The guitar and other stringed instruments belonging to this category didn't exist prior to European contact. Question 5 options: A) Chordophones B) Metallophones C) Aerophones D) Idiophones Question 6 (1 point) The perceived authenticity of traditional music is often connected to which of the following characteristics? Question 6 options: Being close to the original and linked to the past Being from a respected source and used in its intended way Being used as a national symbol and found around the globe Both A and B Question 7 (1 point) While Spanish is widely spoken and the official language of Mexico, around _________ indigenous languages are also spoken there. Question 7 options: 20 2 40 60 Question 8 (1 point) Culture is defined as the artifacts people use and create in daily life, such as musical instruments, kitchen utensils, clothing, and written documents. Question 8 options: True False Question 9 (1 point) The teponaztli is a slit log drum with two pitches played with mallets. Question 9 options: True False Question 10 (1 point) Idiophone is the category that describes instruments which produce sound with wind or air. Question 10 options: True False Question 11 (1 point) According to the most recent World Bank census data, Mexico's population is over 127 million, but its indigenous population is very low at just over 1 million (or 1 percent) of the total population. True False Question 12 (1 point) Another term for "traditional" music is "folk" music. Question 12 options: True False Question 13 (1 point) Indigenismo is a post-revolutionary, romantic, nationalist movement that sought to valorize indigenous culture. Question 13 options: True False

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