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Mastering Leadership Agility. 12 practices for sustainable Business Career and Life

REFLECT predicting change and it’s potential impact – sensitized mindfulness REPLENISH preparing resources for implementing change – mobilising. REFOCUS embedding change efforts – sustaining the implementation. REWARD evaluating and recognizing the performance improvements – acknowledging success and momentum, although avoiding complacency. Leadership Practices Personal Values Sensitization When you feel you are not being heard and understood, and cannot work out why your message is not resonating with others Emotional Intelligence Personal Values Sensitivity “work with personal values to produce value” Enron’s Code of Ethics (organisational values) What are Personal Values? “…..leadership is about sacrificing short-term gain for the long-term, however personally awkward…. I was telling my older daughter what integrity meant to me and I said it was about doing the right thing even if it’s not convenient. I might tell her now it’s having real values and choosing to live by them.” Captain Sullenberger. “Values are a silent power for understanding interpersonal and organisational life. Because they are at the core of people’s personality, values influence the choices they make, people they trust, the appeals they respond to, and the way they invest their time and energy. In turbulent times values give a sense of direction amid conflicting views and demands” Posner and Schmidt (1994). “The core of culture is formed by values, in the sense of broad, non-specific feelings of good and evil, beautiful and ugly, normal and abnormal, rational and irrational feelings that are often unconscious and rarely discussible, that can’t be observed as such but are manifested in alternatives of behaviour” - Hofstede et al. (1990) Prefers a stable environment with reciprocal respect Engaged by appealing to sense of belonging Exercise how are you creating conditions for learning to continually produce improvement/innovation? Exercise how are you creating conditions for learning to continually produce improvement/innovation? Link between a leadership (agility) ‘improvement’ culture and ‘good’ to ‘great’ companies (after Collins, 2001)

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