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SIOC314 Mid Term Quiz. Graded A

SIOC314 Mid Term Quiz Graded A Legally speaking, the world of nonprofits can be divided into two spheres: noncharitable nonprofits and charitable nonprofits. What is the key legal distinction separating these two spheres? Question 1 options: Whether they were exempt from federal corporate income tax. Whether they intend to provide private or public benefits. Whether they could make profits. Whether they could distribute their profit surplus back to their own staff. Question 2 (1 point) Saving... Please fill the following blanks: The mission of nonprofit organizations serve to engage key stakeholders such as workers, volunteers, and donors. They also serve as guidelines on how to produce ______ , which is the ________ principle motivating nonprofit organizations. Question 2 options: private goods; primary public goods; secondary public goods; primary private goods; secondary Question 3 (1 point) Saving... Which of the following trends in giving and volunteering in the US is not true? Question 3 options: Internet is becoming important for nonprofit donations. There is a link between social capital and individuals’ level of giving. The definition and boundary of volunteering is changing. Giving to nonprofits is unrelated to the income inequality in the US. Question 4 (1 point) Saving... Which of the following theory is part of the “three-failure” theory? Question 4 options: Market failure. All of above. Voluntary failure. Government failure. Question 5 (1 point) Saving... Which of the following statement on the linkage between nonprofit organizations and politics is correct? Question 5 options: Nonprofits can build trust, social cohesion and community social capital. Nonprofits can inform and educate the public and policymakers. Nonprofits can organize political participation at the grassroots level. All of above. Question 6 (1 point) Saving... According to Ebrahim’s article on “accountability myopia”, is the following statement on TRUE or FALSE: Too much accountability can prevent nonprofit organizations from adhering to their missions. Question 6 options: True False Question 7 (1 point) Saving... Is the following statement on “social enterprises” TRUE or FALSE: “Social enterprises are usually combining the conflicting goals of making profits and producing social goods”. Question 7 options: True False Question 8 (1 point) Saving... Which of the following is NOT the feature of nonprofit organizations? Question 8 options: They never engage in any profit-making activities. They do not coerce participation. They operate without distributing profits to stakeholders. They exist without simple and clear lines of ownership and accountability.

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