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Summary - Brain, behavior and movement

This summary contains all the cases and lectures of BBS-1004: Brain, behaviour and movement. The summary contains a lot of detail, clear explanations, nice pictures and schemes. The following topics are covered: Neurons, action potential, neurotransmitters, receptors, synapse, muscle, muscle contraction, force/torque, force velocity curve, EMG, motor control, Parkinson's disease, DBS, Proprioception, vestibular system, cerebellum, Hick-hyman law, reaction time, decision making, eye, retina, herman Grid, nociceptive system, gate control, NMDA receptor, memory, learning, stress, HPA axis and the Papez circuit. The summary is perfect to use as preparation for the exam.

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By: wisse_eps • 10 months ago

Not complete with the course anymore (2019-2020)

By: eskenrorink • 11 months ago

By: fleurmertens • 11 months ago

By: VeerleHorsting • 1 year ago

By: riverhummel • 1 year ago

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