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BIBL 104 Quiz 7 / Liberty University BIBL 104 Quiz 7 (Already graded A)

BIBL 104 Quiz 7 / Liberty University BIBL 104 Quiz 7 • Question 1 According to the textbook, of all the cities where Paul ministered, perhaps the __________ had more evidence of Satanic activity and demonic oppression than any other place. • Question 2 Paul tells the Philippians that they should live in unity, humility, and selflessness. He then gives himself as the example for believers to follow when he claims, “follow me as I follow Christ.” • Question 3 According to the textbook, Paul’s pastoral letters emphasize the importance of • Question 4 In 1 Timothy Paul describes the qualifications of a bishop. He lists both jobs within the church that they must undertake as well as inner character they must possess. • Question 5 The church at Thessalonica was founded by Paul during his first missionary journey. • Question 6 According to the textbook, to keep him from exalting himself, God gave him a thorn in the flesh. • Question 7 In 1 Timothy Paul identified two acts of heresy: forbidding marriage and abstinence from food. • Question 8 Paul reminds Titus that since people were saved “not by works of righteousness that we had done, but according to His mercy” and justified by God’s grace, they should live a life of good works toward all men. • Question 9 According to Paul in Romans, sanctification includes the imputation of God’s righteousness by means of faith in Jesus Christ. • Question 10 The dominant theme of 2 Timothy is Timothy’s departure from the truth which Paul was seeking to correct. • Question 11 In the first section of Romans Paul shows that _____________ are under condemnation. • Question 12 2 Timothy was written by Paul to Timothy just before Paul’s martyrdom. • Question 13 In order to demonstrate the self-sacrifice and humility of Jesus, Paul boasted in his weakness rather than his strength in 2 Corinthians. • Question 14 According to Paul in Romans, justification was provided by Christ’s substitutionary death on the cross as a satisfaction for man’s sin for all who come to Christ in faith. • Question 15 In Philemon, Paul tells Philemon to receive back his runaway slave “on the basis of love.” Paul is suggesting Philemon not only forgive his crimes but also give Onesimus his freedom. • Question 16 In First Corinthians, Paul contrasted the permanence of love to the temporary nature of • Question 17 The Roman church consisted of both Jews and Gentiles, but the majority were Jews. • Question 18 Paul’s instructs the Corinthians that his perspective on the Gospel ministry includes the idea that the ministry is an opportunity to display the glory of God. • Question 19 According to Paul in Romans, justification by faith makes all equal before God and gives the law its rightful place of condemning sin. • Question 20 In 2 Corinthians Paul told the church that the Macedonians were giving a contribution for the work of the ministry. Thus, their contribution was appreciated but not needed. • Question 21 In Galatians, Paul tells the story of how he had to rebuke ________ for hypocrisy. • Question 22 According to Paul in 1 Thessalonians, the will of God for the Thessalonian believers is that they might be progressively sanctified and have a strong hope for the future. • Question 23 1 Thessalonians is filled with Old Testament quotations as Paul seeks to answer some of the questions currently troubling the believers at Thessalonica. • Question 24 The Galatian Christians were being influenced by Judaizers who would have Gentile believers circumcised and live by the law. • Question 25 According to Paul in Colossians, Christ has made the Father knowable, available, and approachable to all believers at all times. • Question 26 In First Corinthians Paul address three moral issues in the church. One of these is the issue of • Question 27 For Paul in Ephesians, the answer to unity is the fact that we are “in Christ” and all of us are members of “the body of Christ.” • Question 28 The task that Paul gives Titus is to appoint elders and reprove the rebellious. • Question 29 According to Paul in Galatians, the law locked imprisoned us, but provided no remedy. Only faith in Christ can atone for sin and free us from the law’s condemnation. • Question 30 Which of the following is not a piece of the Christian’s spiritual armor • Question 31 Paul sees believers as having three chief duties. One of these duties is towards the • Question 32 According to Paul in Romans, the story of ____________ demonstrates that salvation and God’s righteousness are God’s gift through faith. • Question 33 According to Paul in Galatians, Christ redeemed us by becoming a _________ for us when He hung on the cross. • Question 34 Paul’s epistle to the Romans is not Paul’s most extensive theological writing. That claim belongs to Galatians - Paul’s epistle to the church in Galatia. • Question 35 At the bottom of all the problems addressed in First Corinthians was a self-serving, indulgent attitude. This attitude stood in contrast to the death of Christ as a self-giving sacrifice for the sins of others. • Question 36 In Colossians, Paul explains that true biblical wisdom was based on Old Testament truth, but now it is even more “fully known” through Christ’s Apostles. • Question 37 In Galatians, Paul exhorts his readers to “carry one another’s burdens” but at the same time exhorts each to “carry his own load.” • Question 38 Paul founded the church in Rome on his first missionary journey. • Question 39 The book of Romans can be divided into two major parts. The first part deals with doctrine and the second part deals with • Question 40 In Ephesian, Paul pictures believers as being “in Christ.” This is a special relationship with God because they are perfect in Christ. • Question 41 In 2 Timothy Paul foresees a time of unrestrained self-centeredness that will characterize the “last days.” • Question 42 In Galatians, Paul’s conclusion was that “we are not children of the slave but of the free.” He makes this conclusion through allegorically explaining the stories of • Question 43 __________ is a short and extremely practical book that is focused primarily on church ministry and, secondarily, on Christian discipleship. • Question 44 In First Corinthians, Paul asserted that the Corinthians were operating as immature, baby Christians, still using the wisdom of the world and this resulted in divisions among them. • Question 45 Paul encourages Titus to exhort with sound doctrine in order to produce good Christian behavior. • Question 46 Paul reminds the Colossians that, “You have died, and your life is hidden with the Messiah in God.” • Question 47 In First Corinthians, Paul encouraged these believers to examine their attitudes before partaking in this ordinance of the church. • Question 48 The problems addressed in First Corinthians arose when various groups sided with different leaders who best represented their view of Christianity. • Question 49 In Philippians Paul argues that true joy and peace are not contingent on circumstances but rather in knowing that an all-powerful and all-loving God is in control. • Question 50 The book of Colossians can be divided into two section. The first section is a section of doctrine and the second section is a section on

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