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Corporate Strategy - Summary Articles

This document contains summaries of the required reading articles of Corporate Strategy 2018 -2019 (Master Business Administration) - Radboud University 1. Johnson, M.W., C. M. Christensen, and H. Kagermann. (2008)."Reinventing Your Business Model." Harvard Business Review 86, no. 12 2. Kim, W.C., & Mauborgne, R. 2004. Blue ocean strategy. Harvard Business Review 3. McCarthy, K. and Aalbers, H.L.(2016) Technological Acquisitions: The Impact of Geography on Post-Acquisition Innovation Performance, Research Policy. 4. Vermeulen, F. (2005). How acquisitions can revitalize companies. Sloan Management Review, 48: 45-51. 5. Dyer, J.H., Kale, P., & Singh, H. (2004). When to ally and when to acquire. Harvard Business Review. 6. Nelson R. (1991) Why do Firms Differ, and How Does it Matter?, Strategic Management Journal, Volume 12, Issue 2, Pages: 61–74. 8. Porter, M.E. 1987. From competitive advantage to corporate strategy. Harvard Business Review. 9. Yu, T., and Cannella, A. (2013). “A Comprehensive Review of Multimarket Competition Research”. Journal of Management, 39(1): 76-109. 10. Anand, Jaideep, Luiz F. Mesquita, and Roberto S. Vassolo (2009), “The Dynamic of Multimarket Competition in Exploration and Exploitation Activities,” Academy of Management Journal, 52(4), 802-821. 11.Schulz, A. C., & Wiersema, M. F. (2018). The impact of earnings expectations on corporate downsizing. Strategic Management Journal, | 12. Guthrie, James P. and Deepak K. Datta. (2008) “Dumb and Dumber: The Impact of Downsizing on Firm Performance as Moderated by Industry Conditions.” Organization Science19, 1 13. Teece, D.J (2014). A dynamic capabilities-based entrepreneurial theory of the multinational enterprise. Journal of International Busines Studies, 45, p-8-37 14. Meyer, K.E., Mudambi, R. and Narula, R. (2011). Multinational enterprises and local contexts: the opportunities and challenges of multple -embeddedness. Journal of Management Studies, vol 48(2), p235-252 15.Filatotchev, I., & Nakajima, C. (2014). Corporate governance, responsible managerial behavior, and corporate social responsibility: Organizational efficiency versus organizational legitimacy?. Academy of Management Perspectives, 28(3), 289-306 Note: article number 7 was excluded from the list

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