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PSY 341: Developmental Psychology (2018 Fall) EXAM 3

To examine whether infants can perceive a difference between a square of uniform color and a square with a pattern on it, a researcher displays the two squares side by side. The researcher records the number of seconds infants look at each square. This method is called the _____ technique.The study by Langlois and colleagues in which infants interacted with a woman wearing either an attractive face mask or an unattractive face mask demonstrated that. Recent studies have confirmed that even newborns show a preference for a moving-lights depiction of biological motion over one of nonbiological motion. Perceptual constancy enables a baby to perceive:Newborns prefer which taste? Research on the music perception of infants has demonstrated that, with experience, humans. Parents who are concerned about the habituation effect of their children watching violent acts on television are worried that their children will. An infant's learning of the association between the sight of his bottle and the taste of his milk is an example of: Statistical learning involves.An infant's sibling always jumps off his bed with a loud bang when he wakes up from his nap. He then comes downstairs and greets the infant with a tickle, making the infant laugh and cough reflexively. Eventually, the infant begins to laugh and cough reflexively when he hears the bang, even before he sees his brother. In this scenario, the laugh and cough in response to the bang are a(n):_____ indicates learning through classical conditioning.An infant randomly makes many vocalizations throughout the day. Some of her vocalizations elicit no response from her parents, but several elicit laughter and hugging from her parents. Eventually, she increases how frequently she makes those vocalizations in order to elicit laughter and hugs through which type of learning? Neurons that are activated when a monkey observes another being perform a goal-directed action as though the monkey were performing the action are referred to as _____ neurons. Which statement about the association between speed of habituation in infancy and general cognitive ability is true? Research by Meltzoff and colleagues indicates that very young children are able to learn from what kind of models? In the visual experience of looming, what is the invariant property? Which of the following is true? The basic difference between the Classic view of depth perception versus the Gibsonian view can be characterized as: What is the invariant property that tells an outfielder that he or she is standing in the right place to catch a high fly ball?One-month-olds are capable of cross-modal perception involving visual and tactile modalities. What behavior(s) demonstrate that infants’ visual and tactile modalities are integrated? Which one is not a research design used to investigate whether the senses are integrated at birth? Which is true in Gibsons theory? 4-month-olds can reaching out and “catch” a moving ball passing left-to-right in front of themWhich is the only case in which 4-month-olds do not perceive a whole rod behind a barrier that covers up the center of the rod?When their heads are supported in a seat with sensors to detect head movements, what is the earliest age at which infants show appropriate head movements to visual proprioceptive information about their posture. 3 month old infants will discriminate between a looming panel and a looming window by using. When 2-month-old infants are lowered down over the deep side of the visual cliff, they show. What is NOT true about babies’ behavior on the classic visual cliff apparatus invented by Eleanor Gibson in 1960? What is true about the development of infants’ depth perception and their locomotor development?

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