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BU480 Online Quiz Set 1(Already graded A+)

BU480 Online Quiz Set 1 Question 1 (5 points) The Internet can change __________ by introducing substitute products, increasing the bargaining power of suppliers or of consumers and buyers, and by changing existing barriers to entry. industry structure industry value chains firm value chains competitive relationships Question 2 (5 points) __________ refer(s) to a firm's ability through IT and the Internet to turn resources into valuable products or services. E-Innovations E-Development E-Capabilities E-Synergies Question 3 (5 points) __________ strategy, also known as functional-level strategy, deals with how to implement the business unit strategy with regard to resources, processes, and people. Operational Corporate-level Implementation Divisional Question 4 (5 points) __________ deals with the facilitation of transactions and selling of products and services online. Mobile commerce E-marketing E-business E-commerce Question 5 (5 points) The most common online retail business models include all of the following EXCEPT: virtual merchants. bricks-and-clicks retailers. kiosk merchants. manufacturer-direct retailers. Question 6 (5 points) Firm __________ can be directly affected by e-commerce through its potential impact on how the business performs various business processes such as warehousing, manufacturing, sales, and customer support. technological support systems profitability value chains competitive advantage Question 7 (5 points) Before the Internet became a widely used platform for conducting e-business transactions, companies were already using other information and communication technologies (ICT) infrastructures. These included all EXCEPT: electronic data interchange (EDI). customer relationship management (CRM). public IT platforms. inter-organizational information systems (IOS). Question 8 (5 points) Within organizations, we typically recognize the following three different levels of strategy. Which of the following is NOT one of these strategies? Operational Corporate-level Differentiation Business unit Question 9 (5 points) The __________ period took place in March and April 2000 and caused a 45% decline of the NASDAQ by the end of that year. Internet crash synergy grassroots of e-business Question 10 (5 points) A(n) __________ corporation is a company with headquarters in one country that does business in two or more countries and does so with substantial foreign direct investment. international multinational mobile globalized Question 11 (5 points) The central goal of strategy is to achieve sustainable competitive advantage over rivals and thereby to: ensure lasting profitability. achieve economies of scale and scope. increase customer value. lower transaction costs. Question 12 (5 points) The most recent and unstoppable trend in globalization of business and economic interdependence is: mobile commerce. social media. e-business. the Internet. Question 13 (5 points) The e-business strategy framework consists of all of the following EXCEPT: strategy formulation. strategic analysis. strategy implementation. market exploitation. Question 14 (5 points) The __________ integrates different perspectives of strategy into a holistic model. transaction cost theory concept of economies of scale and scope value-process framework strategic analysis framework Question 15 (5 points) The goal of __________ strategy is to achieve (long-term) success by building up one or more sources of competitive advantage. Internet e-business synergistic market exploitation Question 16 (5 points) The __________ stage of a technological revolution, also called the “gilded age,” is characterized by a sense of exploration and exuberance as entrepreneurs, engineers, and investors alike try to find the best opportunities created by the technological big bang irruption. crash frenzy synergy irruption Question 17 (5 points) The overall goal of developing an e-business strategy is to: lower transaction costs. achieve economies of scale and scope. increase customer value. succeed in using the Internet as an enabler for achieving a competitive advantage. Question 18 (5 points) In the context of e-business strategies, the concept of __________ deserves special attention because many Internet start-ups that ended up in bankruptcy at the end of the Internet boom years did not pay enough attention to this issue. value creation strategy formation competitive analysis innovation Question 19 (5 points) The rise of the __________ period started with the launch of Amazon.com in 1995 and continued until 2000. Internet crash synergy grassroots of e-business Question 20 (5 points) The __________ stage of a technological revolution takes place right after a new technology is introduced to the market. crash frenzy synergy irruption

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