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History of Modern Philosophy Notes (Montaigne, Descartes, Hobbes, Spinoza, Leibniz, Malebranche, Locke, Berkeley)

These notes are from the first half of an upper-division course on Modern philosophy. I have included not only diagrams to help visualize some of the key concepts, but I have also gone through each primary text (Montaigne, "Apology," Descartes, "Meditations" and "Discourse," Hobbes, "Leviathan," and many others) and rephrased the ideas in a way that, in my view, makes it more digestible. The numbers in parentheses at the end of each bullet are the page numbers for "Modern Philosophy: An Anthology of Primary Sources," second edition, edited by Roger Ariew and Eric Watkins, from Hackett Publishing. Where it seems helpful, I include direct quotations from the text. Also note, I type these as I read, then mark them up in class. After the lecture, I come back to the notes and fix whatever needs revision. 43 pages. I'm not sure how this will be converted (typed as originally as a Google Doc) so I apologize ahead of time if some of the tables or columns don't display correctly.

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The majority of the selections to page 453; Descartes to Berkeley
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April 15, 2018
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Modern Philosophy
Roger Ariew, Eric Watkins
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