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Summary Marketing 2, 2017 European Studies Hogeschool Zuyd

The summary is based on: - Notes from the lectures of Marketing 2, given by S. Widdershoven of European Studies year 2; - Number of notes of Verhage Marketing Fundamentals, chapters: 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14 The summary contains a comprehensive explanation of the 4 P's. There are many examples and charts incorporated to clarify everything. In addition, there are some short exercise questions that were asked during the lectures. Content: - Product (Product Life Cycle, Consumer Goods, Convenience Goods, Shopping Goods, Specialty Goods, unsought Goods, Marketing stretching, Product mix, Packaging and Design, Services) - Price (Company & Marketing Strategy, Competition, Product Mix, Resellers (sort of advertising) - target audience - marketing strategy, price-based strategy, penetration price strategy, calculating the price) - promotion (communication mix / product mix, communication models message - medium - Place (distribution channels, distribution intensity, retailing, online marketing, retail mix) The summary contains 39 pages and is divided into 5 colleges. Summary is in English.

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