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Which of the following is the purpose

Question 1 Which of the following is the purpose of the problem section of an argumentative essay? (Points : 1) to present the reasons you have for believing your premises are true to avoid the thesis to present only troubling issues to present the issue that is of interest and the positions on that issue Question 2 The principle of accuracy in logic is __________. (Points : 1) the idea that one should state the strongest argument no matter the position the idea that one should interpret the argument in line with the way the author would state it the idea that we more clearly understand arguments that align with our beliefs the idea that scientific experiments need measures to ensure they produce good data Question 3 TV Commercial: “You should buy this car; it feels awesome to drive!” (Points : 1) Appeal to Emotion No Fallacy False Dilemma Equivocation Appeal to Force Question 4 Which of the following is an invalid form: (Points : 1) Hypothetical Syllogism Denying the Antecedent Modus Tollens Modus Ponens Question 5 Drive the minivan. (Points : 1) Claim Non-Claim Neither Question 6 In propositional logic, the variables P and Q stand for: (Points : 1) the words “True” and “False” categories of things, like mammals and cats logical connectives sentences (claims)

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