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FCCA 274C Managing Multiple Patients/Working with Interdisciplinary Teams Exam

Skip to main content You are taking "Comprehensive Examination" as a timed exam. The timer on the right shows the time remaining in the exam. To receive credit for problems, you must select "Submit" for each problem before you select "End My Exam". you have 2 hours and 10 minutes remaining 1:28:52 ⦁ You've started the timed comprehensive 274C Managing Multiple Patients/Working with Interdisciplinary Teams exam. This is a timed exam. You have 130 minutes to complete this quiz. Monitor the timer as you progress so you do not run out of time. You must work independently on the quiz. Use of references (textbooks, notes, other individuals, internet sources, etc.) is not allowed. Note: there is no 'Submit' button for the exam as a whole. Each response must be submitted individually. ⦁ When you've completed the exam, please review it in its entirety, to ensure that you've clicked on 'Submit' for each question. ⦁ When the time allotted for the exam runs out, any questions which have been submitted will be eligible for credit. ⦁ Any questions which have NOT been submitted will NOT receive credit, even if a response has been saved. 274C-C_CE-1-0011 1.25 points possible (graded, results hidden) When an RN enters a patient room to perform a dressing change, the case manager is discussing discharge plans with the patient. What is the most appropriate action by the RN?

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