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Summary Adaptation Physiology of Animals
  • Summary Adaptation Physiology of Animals

  • Zusammenfassung • 25 Seiten
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  • Summary of the master course Adaptation Physiology of Animals. Very elaborated with pictures and figures.
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BIOLO 1151| Biology Unit 5 Quizzes and Answers-Already Graded A
  • BIOLO 1151| Biology Unit 5 Quizzes and Answers-Already Graded A

  • Prüfung • 5 Seiten
  • 16,57 €
  • Biology Unit 5 Chapters 22-31 Quizzes: Chapter 22 and 23: 1. If a population of mixed colored mice eventually move to an intermediate color and the very dark and very light are eliminated that would be an example of directional selection. a. True b. False 2. Macroevolution is small scale changes over long periods of time. a. True b. False 3. Which example best represents a uniformitarian perspective? a. Mass volcanic eruptions b. Asteroid impact c. Viral pandemic killing an entire species d. ...
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Evolution (Part 1)
  • Evolution (Part 1)

  • Zusammenfassung • 6 Seiten
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  • This summary contains all the necessary information for Evolution (Darwinism, Lamarckism, Natural Selection, Artificial Selection, etc.) Part 2 will contain information regarding Human evolution (different species & fossils). For National Senior Certificate (NSC) Grade 12 Biology (Life Science)
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BIO 1414 - First Exam, Complete solutions, all answers correct; University of Texas, San Antonio.
  • BIO 1414 - First Exam, Complete solutions, all answers correct; University of Texas, San Antonio.

  • Prüfung • 55 Seiten
  • 16,10 €
  • According to this phylogeny a. Humans evolved from chimpanzees or bonobos b. Monkeys evolved before Apes c. Chimps are more closely related to gorillas than to orangutans Is it more likely that the “ancestral lizard” (*) had legs or was limbless? a. It was probably legless because having legs is a derived characteristic b. It probably had legs because most reptiles today have legs and it requires fewer evolutionary changes to get the three modern groups of limbed reptiles and two groups o...
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Summary - The lego bricks of life Summary - The lego bricks of life
  • Summary - The lego bricks of life

  • Zusammenfassung • 95 Seiten
  • 5,49 €
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  • Summary of course 1 - The lego bricks of life. This summary contains a lot of details and clear pictures. THe summary follows the cases, which are worked out per case. Clear explanations for important subjects like DNA replication, transcription, translation, post-translational modifications, eukaryotes vs. prokaryotes, membrane transport, osmosis, endosymbiosus, mitochondria and cellular respiration, tissue types, cell signaling, mutations, BLAST, phylogenetics, mendelian inheritance, Lamarc...
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biology 1010
  • biology 1010

  • Notizen • 0 Seiten
  • 8,04 €
  • personal notes taken in bio class.
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Evolution Notes IB program Evolution Notes IB program
  • Evolution Notes IB program

  • Study guide • 29 Seiten
  • 6,45 €
  • Complete Biology notes on topic of Evolution, made in the last 2 years of the International Baccalaureate program. Topics include Hardy Weinberg principle, analogous homologous structures, darwin's theory, Lamarck's theory, traditional taxonomy, phylogeny, Miller Urey experiment, DNA evidence, Chromosomal evidence etc
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  • Evolution

  • Notizen • 16 Seiten
  • 2,75 €
  • Collection of notes made on how the theory of evolution came about.
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Core 1 Biology revision notes
  • Core 1 Biology revision notes

  • Zusammenfassung • 21 Seiten
  • 3,51 €
  • These are my neatly written notes that I made for myself when I was completing my GCSEs and only used these and past papers afterwards for revision earned myself A* grades. These are notes for Core 1 Biology so contains clear bullet point notes on topics including antibiotics, immunity (vaccination, white blood cells, pathogens....etc) , the nervous system (neurones, synapse, reflex arc...), homeostasis (ion, glucose, body temp), the menstrual cycle (fertility treatment, in vitro), plant tropism...
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  • Notizen • 11 Seiten
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  • This notes are well organized in a logical order so as to give you sequential understanding. With this notes, you will learn more concepts about the origin of life through various theories from different scientists such Lamarck and Darwin. This notes are suitable for all students especially for first year students because it possess the basics of organic evolution.
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