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BTEC Applied Science Unit 12

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Unit 12 assignment 4


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Includes p6, p7, m5, d4 Explains the roles of sex organs in the production of ova and sperm Explains how the structures of the reproductive system relates to their function Report on the common tests performed to measure fertility Evaluation of data concerning the levels of sex hormones at different...

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Unit 12 assignment 3


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Includes p4, p5, m3, m4, d2, d3 Outlines organisation and structure of the endocrine system Describes the mechanisms of the homeostatic system Explain the functions of the endocrine system Explains positive and negative feedback in homeostasis using examples of the body Explained the interrelationsh...

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Unit 12 assignment 2


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Includes p3, m2 Outlines the organisation and function of nervous system Explains functions of the nervous system

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Unit 12 assignment 1


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Includes p1, p2, m1, d1 Describes the main sites of reabsorption Outlines the importance of regulating body fluids in the body Describes how reabsorption occurs in each of the main sites Explains how the body maintains the correct acid base balance Warning - has picture of real kidney

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